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Beginning of a battleEdit

Keep your mind on the battle!
We can win if we stay focused!
—Fight against Long Gui; requires being the Leader.

Cocoon's nothing to you?
—First fight against Barthandelus.

All those lives...
—Second fight against Barthandelus; requires being the Leader.

Find your own road to hell!
—Fight against Orphan.

Paradigm ShiftEdit

Stay sharp!

Change of plans.

Time for another approach.

Follow my lead!

Just stay out of my way!

Keep the enemy off-balance.

Take down the enemy!

Let's go!

Turn the tide!

—When fighting against Barthandelus.

Commando abilitiesEdit

Outta my way!

Stay down!

Wide open!

Take this!

You're going down!

Target acquired!

—When fighting against the two forms of Orphan.

Ravager abilitiesEdit

Sentinel abilitiesEdit

Let's see what you've got!

When you're ready!

Over here.

I'm right here.

You're mine!

Saboteur abilitiesEdit

Synergist abilitiesEdit

Medic abilitiesEdit

We survive!

You'll make it.

Just gettin' started!

Full ATB skill: Army of OneEdit

I can win this!

I'll make it quick.

Outta my way!

It's over!

Time to end it!

You lose.

Something to remember.

I control my fate!

I'm no one's slave!
—Exclusive for Eden and Orphan's Cradle.


—Summon command

Cut us a path!

Clear the field!
—Odin is summoned

Lend me your blade.

We do this together!
—Entering Gestalt Mode

Let's ride!

We'll carve out a new fate!
—Finish entering Gestalt Mode

This ends now!


Let's do it!

Shake the ground!

Say good-bye!

No time to waste!

Keep it up!


—Razor Gale

The storm is here!

Wrath of Odin!

Until next time.

Well done.
—Summoning complete.


Be ready for the next fight.


Just another battle.

I've had easier fights.
—If battle is won with relatively low health.


I can't stop now.


And so it ends. that?

How can it...end like this?

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Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit



Forgotten time be reborn!
—First battle's opening line.

Time for a real fight!
—Second battle's opening line.

He's holding back. He's testing us...
—Second battle's line spoke after the cinematic.

He's using power of chaos.
—Second battle's line.


Settle this!
Take this!
—Lightning Strike

Fulfill your oath!
Be my shield!
Ullr's Shield


Blade of Etro/the goddess!
—When using Feral Link as Commando Paradigm Pack ally.


Say your prayers.
—When using Feral Link as Ravager Paradigm Pack ally.


Promise me you'll keep going.
The future is bright.
We are the goddess's champions.
I hope I did my part.
All our dreams can come true.
—As a Commando Paradigm Pack Commando ally.

What's our next target?
—As a Ravager Paradigm Pack Commando ally.


Requiem of the GoddessEdit

All battle quotes used by Lightning in her two battles in the "Requiem of the Goddess" scenario are shared in all roles.

It's over!

I'll be quick.

Let's go.


Blade of the Goddess!
—When unleashing Legion of One.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


Beginning of a battleEdit

Right, if this is what you want!

You bet your life, I bet mine.

This will be your last battle.

A new world is waiting!

Better be careful.

I won't lose. Ever.

You think you can be forgiven?

You want to play?

Even the wicked has souls.

Feel like dying?

I fight for souls of the people.

I fight to give people hope.

I'm ready, are you?

It's mission time.
—Requires Sphere Hunter to be the field garb.


To make the prophecy come true, you think you have to kill me?
—Against Noel Kreiss.

You're asking me to kill you?
—Against Snow Villiers.

No more destiny, no more fate. Let's end this once and for all.
—Against Caius Ballad.

Stick together and we can do it.
—Against Grendel.

A game starts losing.
—Against Aeronite.

I won't turn back now.
—Against Ereshkigal.

If I kill the God of Light, I become the Goddess of Death.
—Against Bhunivelze.

In battleEdit

I'll be quick.

I'll release your soul.

Afraid? You should be.

Challenge accepted.

Let's do this!
—Unleashing Overclock.

Style changeEdit

It's your funeral.

Get back to where you belong.

Keep up if you can.

You're so eager to die?

Evil has a price.

Savior's got a job.

No looking back.

Time can't be stopped.

Fate is what it is.

Time to repent.

I will fight evil.

Eyes to the future.

You can't break me down.

What's your most valuable treasure?
Your soul will be my plunder.
I'm no thief.
—Switching to a style with Heartstealer garb equipped.

I can win this with a single blow.
—Switching to a style with Dragoon garb equipped.

Unfurl the wings of death.
I'll take you to the unseen void.
—Switching to a style with Knight of Etro equipped.

It's just a fleeting dream.
—Switching from a style with Sphere Hunter equipped to other one.

I need more time.
—Switching to a style that does not have a full ATB gauge.

Battle specificEdit

We'll take the new world!
The Chaos will be your grave!
—Switching schemas during the battle against Bhunivelze.


I hope they find peace.

Time claims us all.

Don't play with fire.

Evil must be vanquished.

It couldn't end any other way.

I saw this coming.

You got in my way.

Now redemption is yours.

The prey is caught.

Judgement has been delivered.

Go sleep in the Chaos.

The hopeless struggle is over.

Another battle won.

Just as expected.

Final words?

Dream of salvation in the unseen realm
—Victory with Knight of Etro garb equipped.

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