Dissidia 012Edit

Ha! This will be over quick.

This ought to be easy.

My blade'll fix this.

Not even worth my time.

You actually think you can win?

Still your mind, move on instinct.

Hmph, might break a sweat.

There's no going back.

Gotta get through this.

Let's do this.

It's just a fight.

Let's shake things up.

I can do this on my own!

Can't pick your enemies.

Some things in life you just do.

Dissidia NTEdit

We can win if we stay focused.

We've got this one.

You're flying awfully close to the sun.

Let's show the other team what we're made of.

It won't take much to win.

You'll be begging for mercy soon enough.

Encounters: Character Specific Edit

Great, now I'm fighting fairy tales.
Warrior of Light

Fighting for no reason's just slow suicide.

Okay now, let's see what you're made of.

Not all of us are easy to control, you know.
The Emperor

Need someone to toughen you up?
Onion Knight

This isn't gonna be the end.
Cloud of Darkness

This'll be over before it starts.

You brought a spear to a gunblade fight?

Try your mind tricks on someone else.

Not a care in the world, huh?

Go find your stupid Void and stay there!

You sure seem confident enough.

Never let yourself hesitate.

You're like the punch line to a bad joke.

I know what it feels like to be a tool.

No time for second-guessing.

Something tells me you're not the heroic type.

Time for your lesson, Schoolboy.

Fight like you mean it.

I decide my own future.

Sorry, but a fight's a fight.

Save your drama for the stage.

Don't think I'll go easy on an amateur.

Don't let your thoughts weigh you down.

Guess you're a lot tougher than you look.

Take your self-indulgence somewhere else.

Aren't you a little short for a soldier?

You don't think before you act, do ya?

You might actually be a worthy opponent.

Anyone who gets in my way's a target.

You're the one behind this.

Once I have a target, it doesn't get away.
Feral Chaos

Encounters: Story Specific Edit

Treachery of the Gods: A New Threat
Kuja: "So ephemeral, lightning."
Lightning: "Oh I'll show you how lightning strikes."

Treachery of the Gods: A New Threat
Kain: "Forgive me. I've no choice."
Lightning: "Kain? What are you doing!?"

Treachery of the Gods: Decision
Warrior of Light: "Toss aside your blade and say good night."
Lightning: "No thanks. It's not my bedtime."

Treachery of the Gods: An Undocumented Battle
Garland: "I will grant you true and utter annihilation!"
Lightning: "Bring it on! I don't need a second chance!"

Battle Edit

Dissidia 012Edit

Dodge this!
when using Blitz

You're mine!
when using Launch

You're toast!
when using Blaze Rush

Stay down!
when using Smite

when using Ruinga

when using Thundaga

when using Aerora

when using Blizzara

when using Fire

Try this on! Get Lost!
when using Army of One

I can fix that!
when using Cure

Not over!
when using Cura

Who are you watching!?
when using Crushing Blow

This is gonna sting! See ya!
when using Lightning Strike

Have some more!
when using Razor Gale

Enjoy the view!
when using Thunderfall

Get ready! Here it comes!
when using Flourish of Steel or HP attack during chase

Not your lucky day!
when activating EX Mode

I control my fate!
when EX Burst begins

Let's finish this! Bulls-eye!
when EX Burst is performed

when using EX Revenge

Whenever you're ready.
when used as Assist

How can it end like this?
final blow

Summoning Edit

Turn our enemies into floating debris!

Dash them with swords of ice!

Give'em hell out there with your lightning!

Slice them in two!

Overturn the oceans!

Don't you dare go easy on them!

Eradicate them in an instant!

Sample voicesEdit

Dissidia NTEdit



See you.


You have my thanks.

Got it.

No good.

Before / After BattleEdit

Switching my load out.

This is it for me.

Keep the fights coming.

This won't cut it.

Let's see what you can teach me.

Couldnt've gone better.

You're a credit to the team.

No thanks needed.

During BattleEdit

I'll get the core!

Ready to summon!

1 is mine!

2 is mine!

3 is mine!

4 is mine!

5 is mine!

6 is mine!

I've got 1's back.

I've got 2's back.

I've got 3's back.

I've got 4's back.

I've got 5's back.

I've got 6's back.

Need backup!

Time to strike!


Here they come!

Stay calm.


This isn't good.

Scratch that.

There's no time!

Let's finish this!

I don't give up.

You'll be okay.

Get ready for a show.

I'll give us an edge!

Come here!

Spread out!


There are some things in life you just do.

There's no going back.

It really is a miracle.

We hope in the face of despair-- that makes us strong!

Meow-meow, choco-chao.

How practical.

You're the one who convinced me. So stay strong.

Bhunivelze named me the saviour and ordered me to rescue his people.

I'm not your sister!


Dissidia 012Edit

I did what I had to do.

Points for trying.

That wasn't too bad of a fight.

Better get ready for next time.

What'd you expect?

Not bad, I guess.

Guess I'm on a lucky streak.

By the skin of my teeth..
when HP is low

Dissidia NTEdit

Hmph. That's how it's done.

I won't let anything stand in my way.

If you don't work as a team you're nothing.

Defeat Edit

Dissidia 012Edit

How could I lose?

I got sloppy.

I lost?

Should have been more careful.

Is this really happening?

It's not over, not yet.

I can't stop now.

Dissidia NTEdit

No! This can't be!