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Lightning (Dissidia 012)
Dissicon ff13 Lig1 Dissicon ff13 Lig3 Dissicon ff13 Lig2 Dissicon ff13 Lig4
Kana ライトニング
Rōmaji Raitoningu
Japanese Name Lightning
Original Game Final Fantasy XIII
Story Difficulty
EX Mode Omega Weapon equipped!
EX Burst Gestalt Drive
Japanese Voice Actor Maaya Sakamoto
English Voice Actor Ali Hillis
Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Character
The former soldier does have a gentle heart, though her harsh mannerisms and speech can leave a cool impression.

Lightning is the sole character representing Final Fantasy XIII introduced in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. With the aid of five comrades, she once stopped a nefarious plot by the fal'Cie of Cocoon to destroy her world, defying her Focus and challenging her fate of eternal servitude. Lightning fights by using three paradigm roles from her original title, combining gunblade attacks, elemental magic, and healing abilities.

Lightning takes the five new heroes to battle the manikins, and to keep in with her role as the leader of the new heroes, her rival is Garland, the leader of Chaos's armies. This rivalry is featured in the game's opening FMV.


Lightning altaya Costume

Lightning is identical to her appearance in Final Fantasy XIII. She has light pink hair and aqua eyes, and wears a primarily white Guardian Corps military uniform, adorned with several belts and buckles and a red cape on her left shoulder. She wields the Blazefire Saber gunblade, which can shift between gun and sword forms.

Lightning's first alternate outfit, "Midnight Cloak", is based on a concept artwork by Yoshitaka AmanoAmanoLightning. Lightning's cape is dark brown, her hair is white, and her uniform has an overall darker color scheme. Her gunblade is darker, with the hilt changing from a predominantly dark pink to a dark gray.

Lightning's second alternate outfit, named "Guardian Corps Uniform", is the uniform of a female Guardian Corps soldierGuardian Corps 2 in Final Fantasy XIII. She wears a khaki coat held closed by a black belt and several buckles with blue pauldrons, gray short-sleeved turtleneck, brown tights, different boots, and a black officer's cap with an intricate design.

Lightning's bonus downloadable outfit is based on Aya Brea, the protagonist of The 3rd Birthday, another Square Enix title. The outfit consists of torn blue jeans, different boots, and a sleeveless black shirt that exposes her midriff, and a plain pendant on a black string. The outfit is available by purchasing the "Twisted Edition" of The 3rd Birthday.

Lightning's manikin, Fleeting Flash, is pink.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Dissidia Duodecim Prologus Final FantasyEdit

Lightning awakes by Cosmos's side. Lightning meets the Warrior of Light and discusses the position of the war with Chaos. She meets Jecht and Kain and is advised to see if she is stronger than the Warrior by teaming up with him. Though Lightning rejects the idea, she and the Warrior team up against the waves of Warriors of Chaos. During the fight, Lightning meets Cloud, who warns her not to underestimate their opponents. Soon after, she meets Jecht and Kain and discusses her impression of the Warrior of Light with them, before heading off to meet with Cosmos.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia012 screenshot Lightning CG

Lightning receives Cosmos's powers.

After obtaining her dormant crystal with the other warriors, Lightning leads Laguna, Vaan, and Tifa back to the battlefield where they are ambushed by manikins. When Kefka arrives with Kuja, Lightning fights the latter while the others try to hold off the manikins. After defeating Kuja, Lightning expresses disgust to Kefka for relishing his comrade's demise. He hints at the conflict's overall nature and leaves. Attempting to catch up with the others, Lightning finds an injured Bartz, who mumbles that Kain attacked him. Shocked at Bartz's revelation, Lightning dodges a sudden attack from Kain.

After Lightning fights off Kain, Exdeath and Garland appear with the former revealing he has already been attacking other Warriors of Cosmos. Kain leaves with the unconscious Bartz with Exdeath in pursuit, while Garland takes his leave, deciding to abandon Lightning for the manikins while telling her most of her comrades have likely been wiped out by them already.

Claire Dissidia 012 English

Lightning is disillusioned by the conflict's true nature.

Barely escaping with her life, Lightning reveals to Cosmos Kain attacked her and that she thinks the war is doomed. Though she wants to save the world, Lightning believes the quest for the crystals is a suicide mission. The Warrior of Light agrees before raising his sword on her. With Cosmos intervening and calling off the battle, Lightning learns the Warrior of Light and Kain have been working together to ensure their side's victory in the next cycle, which only serves to further anger her. Laguna, Vaan, and Yuna arrive to Order's Sanctuary and Lightning is the first among the four to propose that they take out the manikin infestation. They leave to destroy the manikins and along they way find Tifa and Kain who agree to help them.

After fighting waves of manikins, the group is ambushed by Exdeath and Golbez. They learn that the manikins are making their way to Cosmos, and Kain agrees to hold Exdeath and Golbez while Lightning leads the others in a final stand against the manikins at the Empyreal Paradox. Upon arriving, they are ambushed by Garland, The Emperor, the Cloud of Darkness, Kefka, and Ultimecia.

Lightning fade away

Lightning smiles at the Warrior of Light before fading away.

After defeating the warriors of Chaos, they learn they were just buying time for the next wave of manikins to arrive from the portal. Lightning feels guilty for having lead the others to their deaths, but her companions agree that they all wanted to end the cycles of warfare and are prepared to die. As they look towards the emerging manikins, Kain rejoins and they charge at the waves of manikins to close the portal.

They are overwhelmed, and Lightning's allies collapse. Lightning is the last one standing and throws her Zantetsuken into the portal, sealing it. With a smile on her face, she collapses in defeat.

As Shinryu cleanses its powers and takes the other warriors to the next cycle of conflict, it does not revive Lightning and her team because they all lost their powers by the storm of manikins. When the Warrior of Light looks up at her, she smiles at him before fading away.

Confessions of the CreatorEdit

After the player defeats the Southern Lufenia gateway to access the northern continents, Lightning can be found wandering near the Citadel of Trials teleport stone, provided she is not currently in the player's party. When spoken to she brushes off the help of the "mured moogle", saying that changing one's name does nothing to change reality, and the party needs to stop fleeing and face the truth. As the world of the "Confessions of the Creator" is a hypothetical nightmare world where the cycles of war kept going and Feral Chaos killed all summoned warriors, the Lightning present is likely a specter, a ghost of the true Lightning. She vanishes when the player advances past the Mirage Sandsea to the Lands of Discord.

Official QuestsEdit

Lightning appears traveling with Yuna in two official quests. In "Yuna's Quest 012: In Such A Place", the two receive a call from Cosmos to return to Order's Sanctuary, and battle Golbez on their way back.

"Lightning's Quest 012: One Can Fight Together" explores Lightning's actions after finding Firion's wild rose. Going off alone, feeling it is connected to her memories, she is found by Exdeath, who mocks her need for a flower to remember who she is. Yuna arrives and the two defeat the warlock. The battle allows Lightning to recall some of her memories, and she recounts to Yuna that her mission in this world is similar to the one she was given in her home world — to fight on the behalf of the gods as decreed by fate. Yuna tells Lightning she can rely on them as friends for support, and a grateful Lightning tells Yuna to call her "Light".


See also: Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)/Dissidia/Quotes

Lightning is described in the game as a Paradigm Commando. She fights by using her three paradigm roles from Final Fantasy XIII: Commando, Ravager, and Medic. Each of these roles has their own move set, meaning Lightning can change her fighting style at any time. The player must press L and R to activate the three roles. Commando uses melee-based attacks, Ravager focuses on elemental magic attacks, and Medic is based on healing Bravery.

The player can skip roles if they do not want to use one of the three shown above. A downside to Lightning is that her melee attacks are not very powerful, and she is fairly fast on the ground. Furthermore, her HP attacks require charging, giving enemies enough time to dodge and counterattack.


Bravery Attacks: CommandoEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained Image
Blitz Ground 20 (10) 100 Melee Mid Wall Rush Physical Initial Area Blast
(Mid) Spinning slash and gun shot. Boost hit times when close.
D012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - GroundBrave Wall Rush (→)
Launch Ground 20 (10) 140 Melee Low Wall Rush Physical Level 3 Smash Upper
(Close) Sword slash sending foe flying vertically upward.
D012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - GroundBrave Wall Rush (↑)
Ruinga Ground 20 (10) 80 Ranged LowProjectile
Ranged MidExplosion
Wall Rush Magical Level 20 Ruinga
(Mid) Shoot forth pearls of light. Deal damage on hit and explosion.
D012 ComChart - GroundBrave Wall Rush (↑)
Smite Aerial 20 (10) 100 Melee Low Wall Rush Physical Initial Impact Break
(Close) Sword slash knocking foe downwards.
D012 ComChart - AirBrave D012 ComChart - AirBrave Wall Rush (↓)
Ruin Aerial 20 (10) 80 Ranged Low Chase Magical Level 6 Ruin
(Long) Shoot forth pearls of light. Can aim with the analog stick.
D012 ComChart - AirBrave Command Branch One-to-Two Chase
D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - AirBrave Command Branch One-to-Two Chase
D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - AirBrave Chase
Blaze Rush Aerial 20 (10) 100 Ranged Low Wall Rush Physical Level 15 Blaze Rush
(Mid) Gun shot and charge slash. Effective against any height.
D012 ComChart - AirBrave D012 ComChart - AirBrave Wall Rush (→)

Bravery Attacks: RavagerEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained Image
Fire Ground 20 (10) 100 Ranged Low None Magical Initial Fire
(Long) Flame projectile. Eventual speed increase.
D012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - GroundBrave
Aerora Ground 20 (10) 100 Ranged Low None Magical Level 18 Aerora
(Mid) Launch wind projectiles. Paralyzes foe with multiple hits.
D012 ComChart - GroundBrave
Thundaga Ground 20 (10) 80 Ranged Low Chase Magical Level 24 Thundaga
(Close) Call down lightning bolts. Long duration, keeps foe at bay.
D012 ComChart - GroundBrave Chase
Army of One
Ground 20 (10) 130 Melee Mid Chase Physical Level 27 Scene Drive
(Close) Barrage of attacks. Generates extra EX Force.
D012 ComChart - GroundBrave Chase
Watera Aerial 20 (10) 100 Ranged Mid None Magical Initial Watera
(Long) Launch waterballs. Slowly tracks opponent.
D012 ComChart - AirBrave
Thunder Aerial 20 (10) 80 Ranged Low Chase Magical Level 8 Thunder
(Close) Call down lightning bolts. Short range, quick execution.
D012 ComChart - AirBrave D012 ComChart - AirBrave D012 ComChart - AirBrave Chase
Blizzara Aerial 20 (10) 100 Ranged Low Absorb Magical Level 29 Blizzara
(Mid) Launch shards of ice after drawing in foe.
D012 ComChart - AirBrave
Army of One
Aerial 20 (10) 130 Melee Mid Chase Physical Level 35 Scene Drive
(Close) Barrage of attacks. Generates extra EX Force.
D012 ComChart - GroundBrave Chase

Bravery Attacks: MedicEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained Image
Ground 20 (10) 100 N/A None Magical Initial Cure
Increase bravery. Continue combo for boost.
D012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - GroundBrave
Ground 20 (10) 100 N/A None Magical Level 22 Curera
Increase bravery. Successful combo provides greater boost.
D012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - TimingD012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - TimingD012 ComChart - GroundBrave
Aerial 20 (10) 100 N/A None Magical Level 13 Cure
Increase bravery. Continue combo for boost.
D012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - GroundBrave
Aerial 20 (10) 100 N/A None Magical Level 32 Curera
Increase bravery. Successful combo provides greater boost.
D012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - TimingD012 ComChart - GroundBrave D012 ComChart - ForceD012 ComChart - TimingD012 ComChart - GroundBrave

HP AttacksEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained Image
Razor Gale Ground 30 (15) 300 Melee HighSword
Ranged HighWind
Wall Rush None Initial Razor Gale
(Long) Shockwave from sword. Slow speed, strong homing.
D012 ComChart - GroundHP Wall Rush (→)
Lightning Strike Ground 30 (15) 300 Ranged High None Magical Level 11 Lightning Strike
(Close) Call down lightning bolts. Great against flank attacks.
D012 ComChart - GroundHP
Crushing Blow Aerial 30 (15) 300 Melee High None N/A Initial Crushing Blow
(Mid) Slashing charge sending foe flying upward.
D012 ComChart - AirHP
Thunderfall Aerial 40 (20) 300 Melee HighBlades
Ranged HighLightning
Wall Rush PhysicalBlades
Level 37 Thunderfall
(Long) Drop lightning on foe. Can hit with spinning sword.
D012 ComChart - AirHP Wall Rush (↓)

Bravery to HP AttacksEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Chained From Image
Flourish of Steel Ground 30 (15) 300 Melee High None Physical Launch Flourish of Steel
Derived from the upper smash. Combo attack wielding a huge sword.
D012 ComChart - GroundBrave Command Branch One-to-Two D012 ComChart - GroundBrave Wall Rush (↑)
D012 ComChart - GroundHP

EX ModeEdit

Gestalt Drive

Lightning's EX Mode is Omega Weapon equipped, where she swaps out her Blazefire Saber for her strongest gunblade in Final Fantasy XIII, the Omega Weapon. While in EX Mode, Lightning gains the abilities "Omega Weapon" and "Grav-Con Unit." The Omega Weapon bonus automatically inflicts Break on opponents when she attacks with a Bravery attack while their Bravery is less than 30% of its base value, and Grav-Con Unit completely protects her from Wall Rush damage by projecting a force field to bounce her back into the air when she hits a solid surface.

Lightning's EX Burst is Gestalt Drive, where she does a backflip and a barrage of gunfire before attacking with the Zantetsuken. The player has to enter the commands that appear on the screen as Lightning attacks the opponent with Lightning Strike, Thunderfall, Stormblade, and Razor Gale, with all of them appearing at random. Lightning ends the EX Burst with Zantetsuken, where she spins with swords outstretched to unleash multiple blows that slit away the screen. She then lands and the opponent is slashed again behind her. Failing to enter the commands will result in Lightning skipping to Zantetsuken and less Bravery damage done.


Lightning can equip Swords, Daggers, Greatswords, Katanas, Guns, Parrying Weapons, Shields, Bangles, Gauntlets, Hats, Helms, Headbands, Ribbons, Clothing, Light Armor, and Chestplates.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Blazefire Saber 1 ATK+11 None Treasure Chest in Treachery of the Gods - Chapter 5
Trade: 1300 gil, Broadsword, Rusted Metal x1, Flash's Desire x5
Axis Blade 1 ATK+7 None Trade: 500 gil, Broadsword, Midgar Flower x1, Flash's Desire x3
Flamberge 30 ATK+40 Defense+5% Trade: 61000 gil, Blazefire Saber, Scarletite x1, Flash's Desire x5
Enkindler 30 ATK+41 DEF-1 Defense+5% Trade: 61000 gil, Axis Blade, Scarletite x1, Flash's Desire x5
Omega Weapon 90 ATK+63 Defense+7% Trade: 158000 gil, Flamberge, Electrum x1, Flash's Dream x5
Barrage Blade 90 ATK+64 DEF-1 Defense+7% Trade: 158000 gil, Enkindler, Electrum x1, Flash's Dream x5
Zantetsuken 100 ATK+68 Defense+10%
Riposte Effect
Trade: 182800 gil, Omega Weapon, Survival Knife x1, Flash's Hopes x5
Odin Blade 100 ATK+68 Free Air Dash Boost
Back to the Wall effect
Trade: 182800 gil, Barrage Blade, Survival Knife x1, Flash's Hopes x5



  • When Lightning initiates her EX Burst, she shouts, "I control my fate!" She sometimes says this when using her Full ATB Skill, Army of One, in Final Fantasy XIII.
  • Lightning's EX Mode ability, "Omega Weapon," is based on the Quick Stagger ability in Final Fantasy XIII, an ability that instantly staggers opponents when attacking if their stagger gauge is 90% full.
  • Lightning's other EX Mode ability "Grav-Con Unit" refers to the Antimatter Manipulation Principle device in Final Fantasy XIII, which Lightning uses when she jumps from high altitudes to slow her descent.
  • The attack Lightning uses when beginning her EX Burst, back-flipping off the opponent and firing a barrage of gunfire at them, is similar to the final attack in her combo when she has four ATB gauge segments in Final Fantasy XIII. The button commands used to input her attacks during her EX Burst are the same commands used in Final Fantasy XIII: Dissidia Up Pad and Dissidia X Button to use Stormblade, Dissidia Down Pad and Dissidia X Button to use Lightning Strike, Dissidia Left Pad/Dissidia Right Pad and Dissidia X Button to use Razor Gale, and Dissidia Circle Button to use Thunderfall.
  • In the game's opening FMV as she battles Garland, aside from the rose petals Lightning's charge is nearly identical to the one seen at the Palumpolum's Agora (beginning of Chapter 7) of Final Fantasy XIII. As the scene ends, the camera zooms in on Lightning's eye, imitating the opening of Final Fantasy XIII as she enters the Hanging Edge.
  • Meeting with Firion, Lightning senses of familiarity with the wild rose he possesses, referring to the rose shape of her eidolith and the rose petal motif in her attacks.
  • While Lightning's Bravery attacks are based on the actual moves she uses in Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning's HP attacks and Brave to HP attacks are used by Odin in both his modes. Many of Lightning's Commando-based attacks are amalgamations of two separate skills she uses, like Blitz formed from the spinning Blitz attack, and ending with her Scourge attack with the gunshot.
  • As Lightning is about to fight a Fleeting Flash manikin in a cutscene, she has her Blazefire Saber in gun-mode, the camera zooms in on her as she looks to her right to see a False Hero nearby. This alludes to a similar scene in the opening of Final Fantasy XIII when she is surrounded by PSICOM soldiers.
  • Her paradigm roles — Commando, Ravager, and Medic — are based upon her primary roles in Final Fantasy XIII.
  • When Lightning uses the Bravery attack Army of One, a visual distortion appears on the top and bottom of the screen. The same distortion appears in Final Fantasy XIII when a Full ATB Skill is used.
  • When performing certain actions, Lightning will use exclamations similar to those of her comrades from Final Fantasy XIII. For example, when using Lightning Strike, she exclaims, "This is gonna sting!" This alludes to what Sazh says when he performs an attack.
  • When Lightning faces, Garland he says, "You dare to oppose your fate?", alluding to Lightning's attempt to defy the fal'Cie and resist her Focus in Final Fantasy XIII. It also references Barthandelus/Galenth Dysley.
  • At the end of Prologus when the Warrior of Light orders Lightning to stay and wait for Kain and Jecht, she replies, "Who died and made you Primarch?", referring to Primarch position of leadership of Cocoon's government.
  • While fighting Onion Knight, Lightning will say "Need someone to toughen you up?" referring to when she took Hope Estheim under her wing in Final Fantasy XIII. Onion Knight's quote when facing her, "Maybe I can pick up some pointers", also alludes to this. One of Lightning's quotes when entering battle, "Some things in life you just do", refers to another of her conversations with Hope, "It's not a question of can or can't. There are some things in life you just do". The Cloud of Darkness's opening line towards Lightning is a possible allusion of when a despairing Lightning was about to abandon Hope prior to Odin's intervention.
  • The name of her manikin, Fleeting Flash, alludes to the conversation she had with Hope about her choice of name: "Lightning. It flashes bright, then fades away. It can't protect. It only destroys."
  • When Lightning speaks to Warrior of Light in Chapter 5 of Treachery of the Gods, she says "I keep looking for hope until I find some". This refers to what she said to Orphan, "When we think there's no hope left, we keep looking until we find some".
  • When facing Warrior of Light, she says "Great, now I'm fighting fairy tales", alluding to the Eidolon battle that in Cocoon was said to be a fairy tale.
  • Two of Lightning's defeat quotes, "How can it end like this?" and "I can't stop now", were also used when defeated as the party leader in Final Fantasy XIII.
  • One of the items needed to make Zantetsuken and Odin Blade is Survival Knife, which is an allusion of Lightning's sister Serah, giving her a survival knife for her birthday.
  • Lightning's exclusive weapons allude to the three-tier weapon system of Final Fantasy XIII, where each weapon could be upgraded twice to become each character's ultimate weapon. In Final Fantasy XIII, the Blazefire Saber is upgraded into the Flamberge and then into the Omega Weapon; and the Axis Blade can be upgraded into the Enkindler.
  • Lightning's two ultimate weapons allude to Odin's Zantetsuken, which Lightning dual-wields.
  • When the Warrior of Light explains Kain's plan to save Cosmos's warriors by putting them to sleep, Lightning replies, "And you expect me to buy that?" This was her response to learning that Serah was a l'Cie and would marry Snow.
  • When fighting Cloud, Lightning will say, "I know what it feels like to be a tool", alluding to her being a l'Cie and the time she spent manipulated by Barthandelus.
  • Tidus's opening line against Lightning, "Look out, here comes a hero!", references both of their games. On her end, it alludes to Snow.
  • While fighting Bartz, Lightning will say "Not a care in the world, huh?". That is what Sazh says about Vanille in the Vile Peaks.
  • When Lightning is fighting Sephiroth, he says, "You are also a cursed warrior". This alludes to how Lightning, a former soldier, becomes a cursed l'Cie.


Fake Lightning Universal Tuning

The fake magazine article "announcing" Lightning for Dissidia Final Fantasy: Universal Tuning.

  • Lightning was set to appear in the first Dissidia, but was scrapped as the developers did not want to lock down her character design and move set before Final Fantasy XIII was released. Prior to the official announcement, a hoax had "revealed" Lightning would appear in Dissidia Final Fantasy: Universal Tuning. The hoaxes involved elaborate fake magazine pages complete with fake Lightning 3D models.
  • Coinciding with Lightning wearing Aya Brea's outfit in Dissidia 012, Aya can also wear Lightning's Final Fantasy XIII attire as an alternate outfit in The 3rd Birthday. Wearing this outfit will change Aya's voice to sound like Lightning's.
    • Lightning shares her Japanese voice actress with Aya, as well as Aerith Gainsborough.
    • When Lightning wears Aya's outfit, she doesn't have her l'Cie brand or navel piercing.
  • Lightning's Dissidia art was the first time Tetsuya Nomura drew the Blazefire Saber, which he found difficult due to it having so many parts.
  • While in her Commando paradigm, Lightning's ATK is increased by one. This results in her Chase attacks and EX Burst doing slightly more damage if she is in her Commando role when using them.
  • In pre-release versions of Dissidia 012, Lightning's Cura attack was called Curasa.
  • In a mirror match between two Lightnings, if Watera is reflected, the original caster can use Watera again, resulting in possibly multiple Wateras being present. If Lightning were to cast Watera after reflecting the opponent's Watera, the opponent's Watera will vanish as though it were Lightning's. She shares this trait with the Emperor and his Flare spell.
  • Lightning and Firion are the only Warriors of Cosmos who never summon their weapons as the other heroes do and instead carry them with them.
  • Including Prologus, Lightning is the main character in three storylines, the most of any character.
  • At 3,320 AP, Lightning requires the most AP of any character to master all her attacks, tying with Prishe.
  • Lightning has the most exclusive weapons of all characters in Dissidia 012, a total of eight, and ties with Cecil and Feral Chaos on having the most exclusive equipment.
  • Due to her ability to change paradigms, Lightning can simultaneously equip the most moves of any character, a total of twenty-four.
  • Lightning has the most unique attacks of any character, a total of twenty.

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