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The Prologue, titled A Final Hope (序章:最後の戦い, Jisho: Saigo no Tatakai?, lit. Prologue: The Final Battle), is the first level available in the Light to All story mode in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. It features a single gateway designed to introduce the player to new aspects of the story mode, namely the Bonus Line and Emblem features. The Warrior of Light is controlled for the duration of this prologue. Upon completion, the ten chapters are unlocked.


With the start of the 13th cycle, the Warrior of Light awakens in Order's Sanctuary. Upon hearing Cosmos's voice stating that she had been defeated and seeing a light in the distance, the warrior decides to walk up and investigate it.

After defeating all the manikins, the Warrior of Light finds Cosmos. Appearing to all the Warriors of Cosmos, Cosmos asks them to obtain their crystals as they can be used to save the world.

Map TreasureEdit

500 Gil
Other Information
EX Charge
Other Information


"Hi there, mister! Are you on your way to meet Cosmos? You can't change your level in gateways, so check your stats while you're outside!" — Moglin, the aspiring Shop Moogle

Map EnemiesEdit

Manikin-Emperor Name Imitation Despot Arena Order's Sanctuary
Level 8 HP 1,424 Attack 18 Defense 12
Luck 14 Bravery 231 Summon None
Weapon None Hand Cracked Shield
Head None Armor None
Accessories Cursed Ring x3
Bravery Attacks Light Crest
HP Attacks Flare (ground)
Assist None Notes


Forsaken Kingdom Edit

  A B C D E F G H
3 D012 Start   D012 Emblem Blue D012 Emblem Blue
DFF Hard Battle Piece
DFF Hard Battle Piece DFF Stigma Of Chaos
6 DFF Chest    
  • KP Chance: Win within 90 seconds
  • Bonus Line: Lv. 2
  • Rules: Enabled
  • Skills: Enabled

This is the first gateway where Emblems are used, and the player has the option to adjust their level to the bonus line - in this and all storylines in "Light to All", having a character at a level higher than the bonus line gives them a KP penalty in the gateway, while having a lower-level character grants them a bonus to KP. Other than these new features this gateway should be simple to clear out. Use Straight Chain at C3 to chain two of them together with the Physical Critical Rate Up Emblem.

Treasure Chest
First Contents Purple Drop Subsequent Contents 500 gil
Other Information
Blue Emblem
Effects Physical Critical Rate Up
Hard Battle Piece
Manikin-WoL Name False Hero Arena Order's Sanctuary
Level 8 HP 1,424 Attack 36 Defense 22
Luck 14 Bravery 203 Summon Lich
Weapon Saber Hand None
Head Charred Helm Armor None
Accessories Cursed Ring
Bravery Attacks Dayflash (ground), Rising Buckler
HP Attacks Shield of Light (midair)
Assist Delusory Dragoon Notes Standing on Physical Critical Rate Up Emblem
Hard Battle Piece
Manikin-Lightning Name Fleeting Flash Arena Order's Sanctuary
Level 8 HP 1,424 Attack 35 Defense 20
Luck 14 Bravery 203 Summon Lich
Weapon VariesSaber, Mythril Sword Hand None
Head Charred Helm Armor None
Accessories Cursed Ring
Bravery Attacks Launch, Smite, Aerora
HP Attacks Lightning Strike
Assist Imaginary Brawler Notes