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FFVI Kefka light of judgement iOS
The Light of Judgment cutting across the planet's surface.

The Light of Judgment (裁きの光, Sabaki no Hikari?) is a term in Final Fantasy VI. It is the name used to refer to the destructive ray of energy sent down by Kefka Palazzo from atop his tower onto towns which he feels are resisting him, or when he's bored. The Light is shown as a destructive beam of light cutting a path of flame into the ground, but it is also implied that the light creates or summons monsters to wreak more havoc. When it is not in use, the Light of Judgment appears as four tiny white orbs of light that move up and down near Kefka, with one pair moving down a long path and the other pair moving a shorter path.


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FFVI Kefka LoJ orbs iOS
The Light of Judgement orbs surrounding Kefka when not in use.

Kefka turned the Light of Judgment on Mobliz, Narshe, and South Figaro sometime prior to Celes Chere awakening a year after the end of the world. Mobliz's adults were killed protecting their children and half the town was destroyed while Narshe's citizens either perished or fled, leaving the town abandoned and plagued by monsters. South Figaro's citizens largely survived and rebuilt the town. Kefka later turns the Light on Tzen, destroying the mansion of the wealthy family there.

During the party's confrontation with him, Kefka has the Light of Judgment in an inactive position. However, after the party rejects his nihilistic plans, Kefka activates and turns the Light of Judgment onto the planet, raging that he will kill everyone. No specific target or casualties are shown, however.

Other AppearancesEdit

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Light of Judgment
Light of Judgment in Dissidia Final Fantasy.

In Dissidia and Dissidia 012, Kefka's EX Burst, Warring Triad, may finish with him casting Light of Judgment, which in this game takes the form of a pillar of destructive golden light hitting the enemy from above and exploding on them, assuming the player memorizes and repeats the displayed button commands successfully. Otherwise, Kefka uses the weaker Forsaken attack.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Light of Judgment returns as Kefka's attack on a perfect EX Burst. Its power is slightly higher but otherwise performance of the EX Burst and the attack is identical.

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

One of Kefka's cards is able to use Light of Judgment as an ability. For the discard of a Kefka card, Light of Judgment Breaks all Forwards other than Kefka. However, it can only be used when he has more than 12,000 power.


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