Dissidia 12 light orbs

Lightning collecting Light Orbs

Light Orbs, or Powers of the Dead, are glowing orbs found on the World Map in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. They can be collected by attacking and breaking them. After collecting an orb, a colored aura will surround the character and the player will receive a message about the type of aura surrounding them. Collecting four orbs will gain the player a Chain Skill. The skill gained depends on the color and message of the aura after collecting the four. Generally, after each Gateway in a storyline, the path to the next Gateway will contain four orbs, but this is not always the case.


The messages received when collecting the orbs are as follows:

  1. A [strength] power of the dead dwells.
  2. The two powers became a [strength] light.
  3. The three powers became a [strength] radiance.
  4. The four powers became [chain skill].

The word that fills the gap corresponds to the color of the aura, and thus to the chain skill received:

  • "frail" (blue aura) – Round Chain
  • "faint" (green aura) – Jump Chain
  • "bright" (yellow aura) – Straight Chain
  • "blinding" (red aura) – Cross Chain
  • "celestial" (white aura) – Multichain

The aura granted by the orbs is random, and when collecting a new orb the aura may randomly "upgrade" to the next level of power, for example from faint to bright. There can be more than one upgrade in each set of four powers. However, there will be no upgrades when collecting the fourth orb.