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Light Arts

A scholar activating Light Arts.

Light Arts is a level 10 Scholar job ability in Final Fantasy XI. Optimizes white magic capability while lowering black magic proficiency. Grants a bonus to divine, enhancing, enfeebling, and healing magic. Also grants access to Stratagems. It can be recast in 1 minute (-2 seconds for each Merit Points upgrade) and lasts for 2 hours.

Light Arts and Dark Arts are mutually exclusive. Using one ability will erase the other's bonus if present.

Light Arts creates the "Light Arts" status effect for the user, which has the following effects:

  • Grants access to Stratagems that enhance white magic.
  • Reduces MP costs for White Magic spells by 10%, and increases MP costs for Black Magic spells by 20%.
  • Decreases casting time for white magic by 5-10%, and increases casting time for black magic by 20%.
  • Reduces recast time for white magic by 10%, and increases recast time for black magic by 20%.
  • Raises the skill cap for Enhancing Magic, Divine Magic, and Healing Magic from a D rating to a B+ rating. If Scholar is currently being used as a subjob, the skill increase is based on the main job's level, not the level of the Scholar subjob.

Enhanced By Edit

  • Scholar's Pants add an additional 15 skill levels to Enhancing Magic, Enfeebling Magic, Divine Magic, and Healing Magic, effectively bringing skill level up to an A- while in Light Arts.
  • Scholar's Loafers and Argute Mortarboard further reduce White Magic casting and recasting times by an additional 5% each. The two pieces' effects are cumulative if worn at the same time.

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