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The Lifespring Grotto is one of the four bonus dungeons in the Dawn of Souls version of the original Final Fantasy, accessible after defeating Kraken.

Lifespring Grotto was originally the place where men and mermaids could live together in peace, according to the mermaid who stays at the entrance. Bosses from Final Fantasy V appear here. Lifespring Grotto is located within that whirlpool off the coast of Mount Duergar, and can only be reached via boat.

The Lifespring Grotto has 20 floors, and its 20th-floor bosses are the toughest in the game. Floor 5 involves a mini-quest that results in the party discovering and engaging Gilgamesh, who has been skulking around a mermaid community, in combat. Floor 10 holds the gaping Atomos, who knows the dreaded Wormhole attack.

The final floor offers a player a choice much like the Earthgift Shrine and Hellfire Chasm. Either Shinryu or Omega can be fought at Floor 20, but not both during the same run through the Lifespring Grotto. Both are superbosses, so the player will have quite a fight on their hands no matter which entity they select. There is also the option of bypassing either boss and exiting the Lifespring Grotto through a teleporter (only possible at 5th and 10th floors).

Items Edit

Treasure lists are static on each floor, but what varies is the number of chests each floor has, and these are randomly sorted for each run.

There is only one map where ten treasure chests can appear. This map is a castle with narrow walkways of invisible tiles (the tiles will occasionally flicker so players can see where they are, then disappear again). The ten chests will always appear, regardless of which floor the map was found on.

If the player chooses to fight Shinryu, apart from getting Shinryu's treasure, there's a treasure chest on the right. If the player chooses Omega there isn't a treasure chest at all.

Floor Treasure Castle Treasure
1 200 gil, Dry Ether, Echo Grass, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down Dry Ether, Feathered Cap, Hermes' Shoes, Mind Plus, Red Curtain
2 400 gil, Ether, Eye Drops, Giant's Tonic, X-Potion Genji Shield, Golden Apple, Lunar Curtain, Mind Plus, White Fang
3 3000 gil, Potion, Speed Plus, Spider's Silk, Tiger Mask Elixir, Light Curtain, Remedy, Soma Drop, White Curtain
4 Ether, Hi-Potion, Red Fang, Speed Drink, Strength Tonic Dry Ether, Emergency Exit, Hermes' Shoes, Phoenix Down, Power Plus
6 123 gil, Blue Fang, Cockatrice Claw, Emergency Exit, Faerie Tonic Crystal Ring, Elixir, Giant's Tonic, Luck Plus, Silver Apple
7 Golden Apple, Phoenix Down, Protect Drink, Spider's Silk, Vampire Fang 32000 gil, Megalixir, Speed Plus, Strength Tonic, X-Potion
8 300 gil, Hermes' Shoes, Light Curtain, Speed Drink, Turbo Ether 4464 gil, Mind Plus, Remedy, Silver Apple, Stamina Plus
9 Blue Curtain, Faerie Tonic, Hermes' Shoes, Silver Apple, X-Potion Deathbringer, Elixir, Eye Drops, Power Plus, Protect Drink
11 Cockatrice Claw, Orichalcum, Protect Drink, Silver Apple, White Fang Elixir, Lunar Curtain, Soma Drop, Speed Plus, Strength Tonic
12 5000 gil, Ether, Light Curtain, Mind Plus, Remedy Giant's Tonic, Hermes' Shoes, Megalixir, Power Vest, X-Potion
13 Blue Fang, Power Plus, Red Curtain, Strength Tonic, Vampire Fang Elixir, Megalixir, Stamina Plus, Turbo Ether, White Curtain, Power Plus
14 Faerie Tonic, Hermes' Shoes, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down, Silver Apple Emergency Exit, Gaia Gear, Mind Plus, Luck Plus, Soma Drop
15 Ashura, Blue Curtain, Echo Grass, Potion, Spider's Silk Golden Apple, Power Plus, Speed Drink, Stamina Plus, X-Potion
16 800 gil, Elixir, Giant's Tonic, Protect Drink, Turbo Ether 40000 gil, Hermes' Shoes, Kenpogi, Light Curtain, Speed Plus
17 Hermes' Shoes, Phoenix Down, Sage's Mitre, Spider's Silk, X-Potion Crystal Shield, Dry Ether, Elixir, Gigantaxe, Mind Plus
18 Feathered Cap, Hi-Potion, Lunar Curtain, Remedy, Strength Tonic 14464 gil, Crystal Ring, Faerie Tonic, Luck Plus, Soma Drop
19 Ether, Hermes' Shoes, Phoenix Down, Sage's Surplice, Speed Plus Elixir, Golden Apple, Light Curtain, Power Plus, Stamina Plus
20 Hero's Shield

Enemies Edit

FFI Background Ice Cave
FFI Background Sunken Shrine1
FFI Background Sunken Shrine2

Musical themes Edit

In the 20th Anniversary and its subsequent remakes, a remix of the Final Fantasy V boss theme plays while fighting the bosses in this dungeon.

In addition, a remix of "Clash on the Big Bridge" from Final Fantasy V plays during the battle against Gilgamesh.

Gallery Edit

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