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I, the 'Earth Chaos' Lich, commend your feat. But your life ends now.

Lich is a boss from Final Fantasy IX. It was created by Kuja from the crystal's memory of the Earth Guardian, whom Zidane and Quina fought at the Earth Shrine. The party fights it in Memoria. The Lich, along with the other guardians of Terra, are throwbacks to the Four Fiends from the original Final Fantasy.

Battle Edit

Lich knows plenty of deadly spells, such as LV5 Death, Death, and Stop. It can cast Earthquake causing up to 1800 points of damage on the party. Though Lich appears undead, it is healed by curative magic and Life and Phoenix Down always misses on it.

Strategy Edit

Lich's Earthquake attack can be halved by equipping the Desert Boots add-on, nullified by equipping Circlets, or the damage can be absorbed by equipping Feather Boots.

The support abilities Locomotion and Antibody are recommended, and it is wise to try and avoid having characters with a level divisible by five. Physical attacks, as well as Wind and Fire-based attacks, are helpful.

The boss is also only susceptible to Slow, which should help a bit.

Crystal World incarnation Edit

The crystalline version is only marginally weaker than the true boss. This Lich is more susceptible to status ailments, so the player may choose to inflict several choice debuffs. The crystal version retains all of the original Lich's abilities, including several death-inducing attacks.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

In fantasy fiction, a lich is a type of undead creature. Often such a creature is the result of a transformation, as a powerful magician or king striving for eternal life uses spells or rituals to bind his intellect to his animated corpse and thereby achieve a form of immortality.

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