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The Library of Ancients is a location in Final Fantasy V accessible on both Bartz's World and the Merged World. It contains countless volumes of books, including the Sealed Tome. Scholars congregate in the library to share and obtain knowledge but the basement is infested with books possessed by monsters. Ifrit resides deep in the basement, and in the past he was the one who burned the possessed books.

The game has a glitch regarding the library, that if the party uses Teleport in the Merged World after the storyline events there are over, they end up at Ghido's Cave and not outside the library.


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FFV Library Terrace

The Library of the Ancients.

Bartz and his fellow Warriors of Light arrive to the Library of the Ancients after the explosion at Karnak. They find that Mid, Cid Previa's grandson, is missing, and venture into the depths of the library filled with books possessed by demons. Halfway through the basement they find Ifrit, a summon who in the past burned the possessed books, and fight him, being rewarded with his power. At the deepest floor they find the demon Byblos and after defeating him, they meet with Mid and they all return to Karnak.

Later, when Exdeath merges the worlds, Bartz, Krile, Faris and Ghido find the library whose scholars have met with Surgate's scholars and merged the parts of the Sealed Tome. Exdeath engulfs the library with the power of the Void, but the library is restored after Exdeath is defeated.

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Name Location
Ifrit Defeat Ifrit.
Ether Second area.
Ninja Suit Area left of possessed bookshelf.
Phoenix Down Area after the room after the possessed bookshelf.
Mana's Paean Atop the library in the Merged World.



Library Basement iOS

The Library's Basement.

Outside (First World)Edit

Library of the Ancients WM

The Library on Bartz's World Overworld.

Outside (Merged World)Edit

Ancient Library MWM

The Library on the Merged World.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


FFRK Library of the Ancients FFV

Bartz and the party arrive at the Library of the Ancients in search of clues about the last Crystal, but they soon learn that Cid's grandson, Mid, has gone missing. They head down into the depths of the library to find him.

World of Final FantasyEdit


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Non-Final Fantasy AppearancesEdit

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street PortableEdit

The Library of the Ancients appears in Itadaki Street Portable as a stage.

Musical themesEdit

"Library of Ancients" from Final Fantasy V
FFV - The Ancient Library
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"Library of Ancients" (古代図書館, Kodai Toshokan?), also known as "The Ancient Library" plays as the background music to the Library of the Ancients.


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