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Each time... well even just sometimes when you read this book... Please think of me. Even if it's just a little... That would be enough... to fill my heart...
—Library Girl with a Pigtail

Library Girl with a Pigtail.

The Library Girl with a Pigtail (三つ編みの図書委員, Mitsuami no toshoiin?, lit. Librarian with braids), also known as the Girl with Pigtail or simply the Pigtail Girl, is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy VIII. She is infatuated with Zell Dincht and features primarily in a side quest to obtain the Combat King 003 magazine for him. All the scenes are optional, triggered at different times when the player visits the library with Zell in the party.


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Zell and the Pigtail Girl meet in the Balamb Garden library before the mission to Timber when Zell asks if the book Good-bye Pupurun has been returned yet. The Pigtail Girl, as one of the three girls working as the Library Committee, stammers as she enters the search.

Zell and pigtailedgirl

Zell and the girl meet.

Later, Pigtail Girl's fellow committee members offer their support in helping her with her infatuation and interrogate Zell to discover his likes and dislikes. Another SeeD member asks the Pigtailed girl's whereabouts, and although her friends recognize the guy may be interested in her, they know the girl has her eyes on Zell, and ignore him.

During the Garden's stay in Fishermans Horizon, Irvine can talk to the Pigtail Girl in the library and she will inquire about Zell. Still later, Squall overhears the girls in the back of the library reading a fortune book to predict the Pigtail Girl's compatibility with Zell. The results are positive and the Pigtail Girl opts to find Zell and tell him her feelings.


Zell munches on as the Library Girl gazes at him.

The Pigtail Girl and Zell can meet in the Balamb Hotel where she reveals her feelings for him and gives him the Combat King 003 magazine.

The two are seen for the last time after Ultimecia's defeat, eating together during the celebration ball.

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Garden RiotEdit

During NORG's uprising the girl will give Squall a Mega-Phoenix if Zell is in the party (she will only give a Remedy otherwise).

Combat King 003 SidequestEdit

Zell must be in the player party and visit the library to get scenes with the Pigtail Girl and her Library Committee friends. After Balamb has been liberated from Galbadia, sleeping at the hotel with Zell in the party prompts the two to meet at the lobby the next morning. The dialogue between the pair is more complete the more scenes in the sidequest the player has witnessed.


The Pigtailed Girl is a popular Japanese character archetype that commonly appears in school themed romance stories. Usually the term is an adjective, but it can also be used as a noun to refer to a girl a character is infatuated with but does not yet know her name.


  • At the very start of the game, in the "Suggestion Box" at Squall's study terminal, on the last page, a student whose initials are "Z.D." (Zell Dincht) mentions he'll have his SeeD exam. The "library personnel" (the pigtailed girl) wishes him good luck.
  • The girl's motion captures were done by Mayuko Aoki, the same motion actress as Rinoa, Edea, Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy IX, and Yuna from Final Fantasy X series.

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