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The Level Tricker, also known as LvlTripper, is an enemy in Final Fantasy V.

Battle Edit

It is a good source for players who want to learn the level-based Blue Magic spells and is weak to Lightning. Normally, the only spell it will cast is Level 4 Graviga, but it is possible to control it and make it use Level 2 Old and Level 5 Death, but it can only target enemies with these spells while controlled.

Strategy Edit

Using the Chemist's Mix ability to create Dragon Defense with a Phoenix Down and Dragon Fang, it is possible to give it the Reflect status, which is the only way to cast Reflect at the point in the game the enemy is encountered. This will bounce the spells onto the party randomly, so it may take several tries for the spell to hit the intended party member.

Other appearances Edit

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit


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