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Lestallum is a town in Final Fantasy XV and is a main town for the first half of the game, unveiled during Jump Festa 2015.[1] It is geographically near to the Duscae area.[2]

The town is of modern bustling town of tropical climate with palm trees lining the streets. There is a ropeway that currently cannot be ridden; the functionality may be added if the developers have enough time.[1] The town will have hotels and shops for the player to use. In Lestallum the party can gain information and secure goods while travelling the surrounding areas.[2] Bustling with store-lined roads, street vendors and musicians, the town offers a change of pace arriving from an open world type gameplay preceding it.[3]

The city's prosperity derives from the energy of a meteor that crashed on the site it was built on ages ago.[4] In fact, the meteor is as old as the world's Genesis and has been there since the "beginning of time".[5]

Story Edit

Gladiolus's sister Iris arrives in Lestallum shortly after the game's beginning, and meets up with the party there. Together they devise a plan to infiltrate the power plant, during which Noctis and a guest party member named Hunter wear engineer gear and battle their way through a Mako-reactor like environment.

Creation and development Edit


Concept art.

Lestallum is said to be modeled after the real-world Cuba, but also to have Malaysian and Moroccan influences,[3] the suburban look being similar to Kuala Lumpur.[6] The design of the factory being visible beyond the terraced city was decided since the start of the project. The city's design evolved from the premise of being built by frontiersmen building a city on the wasteland from scratch, blending Morocco's Chefchaouen with the universe of Final Fantasy XV.[3]

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Distant town in Episode Duscae.

  • There is sign for "Adamantoise Paradise" in the area with the cafes. This alludes to the Turtle's Paradise pub in Wutai Village in Final Fantasy VII.
  • A town can be seen to the northwest of the playable area in Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae. It is possible it is Lestallum. It is more visible at night and can be seen from the Ausace Haven campground.

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