FFXIV Leofard


Leofard Myste is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV, first appears in version 3.1 As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness. He is a Sky Pirate and is an important character in the Void Ark scenario.





Leofard first appears in the sea of clouds hunting down a group of thieving sky pirates. He assists the adventurer by flying directly over the sky pirates knocking them over with the speed of his manacutter. He proceeds to shoot the thieves for disrespecting the code of conduct and tarnishing the name of a sky pirate. The merchant thanks him and says his master will repay him, Leofard tells him that his master probably knows a merchant or two who knows his crew, and a reward will reach him. Leofard tells the adventurer that its not often that someone beats him to a scene, but he didn't expect less from the famed adventurer. Leofard says he was tracking the adventure down to have a word with him. He gives the Adventurer a proposition on helping him on an adventure, and if they're interested they could head over to the Blue window to meet one of his crew.

Leofard is seen again at his crews hideout, before the adventurer arrives he has a meeting with Radlia, captain of the Talons. Radlia wants Leofard to work under her because of his famed reputation as a sky pirate, but Leofard refuses not wanting to be someone elses lackey. she believes that Leofards crew won't survive without her crew, but tells her that their crew is murderous and untrustworthy. Frustrated with Leofard, Radlia leaves Leofard's quarters. When the adventurer arrives he tells him that he promised him high adventure and tells them they'll be boarding the sea of clouds very own ghost ship. He believes the ship is some relic left behind by the Allagans but is unsure since no one has made it out alive. After the adventurer agrees to explore the ghost ship they go meet up with the crew member Utata, as she's working on a way to track the vessel. After obtaining the "Ectocompass" from Utata, the crew and the adventurer's party head towards the ghost ship.


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