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Attacks from the air with Shimsham, halving the HP of its target.
Final Fantasy VI PlayStation Bestiary entry

The Lenergia, also known as Gobbler, is an enemy in Final Fantasy VI.

Stats Edit

Final Fantasy VI enemy stats
#082#083 (GBA) #084
#141 #142 (Mobile/PC) #143
Names Location Type Other information
SNES: Gobbler
PS: Gobbler
GBA: Lenergia
Mobile/PC: Lenergia
Magitek Factory None N/A
Level HP MP Attack Magic
19 470 63 13 8
Defense Magic Defense Magic Evasion Speed Hit Rate
0 120 0 30 100
Evasion EXP Gil
0 160 485
Elemental affinities
Fire-icon-ffvi Ice-icon-ffvi Lightning-icon-ffvi Poison-icon-ffvi Holy-icon-ffvi
100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Earth-icon-ffvi Wind-icon-ffvi Water-icon-ffvi Restorative Instant Death
100% 100% 100% -100%Absorbs 100%
Statuses and immunities
Blind Zombie Poison Magitek Invisible Imp Petrify Death Doom Critical
- - - - - Immune - - - -
Image Silence Berserk Confuse Sap Sleep Float Regen Slow Haste
- - - - - - Auto - - -
Stop Shell Protect Reflect Meteor Strike Libra Sketch Control Fractional Invincible
- - - - Immune - - - - -
Items (GBA/Mobile/PC)
Steal Item dropped Metamorphose
(Miss rate: 28.6%)
[87.5%Applies when successful; success based on users' level, doubles with Thief's Bracer.] Green Cherry
[12.5%Applies when successful; success based on users' level, doubles with Thief's Bracer.] Hi-Potion
None [Slot 1 (25%)]Tent
[Slot 2 (25%)]Phoenix Down
[Slot 3 (25%)]Teleport Stone
[Slot 4 (25%)]Holy Water
Morph ID: 1
Abilities (GBA/Mobile/PC)
Attack Abilities Rage Sketch Control & Confuse
Normal Attack: Ice Rod
Special Attack: Silencing Strike (Inflicts Silence)
Shamshir Attack, Shamshir Silencing Strike, Shamshir Attack, Silencing Strike, Shamshir

Battle Edit

They use Shamshir when left alone, halving the HP of a target. They have low HP compared to other enemies in the Magitek Research Facility and should not be difficult to defeat. They have no elemental weaknesses or resistances, so any attacks or spells will work equally well against them.

Formations Edit

Number Enemies Encounter flags Introduction flag Musical theme Magic AP
Norm.Normal Back Surr.Surrounded Side
124 Lenergia Y Y N Y Sides, individual Battle 1
358 Lenergia, Flan x3 Y Y N Y Ceiling Battle 1
359 Chimera, Lenergia Y Y N Y Sides, individual Battle 2
361 Lenergia x2, Destroyer Y Y N Y Sides, individual Battle 2

AI script Edit

If monster is by itself: Shamshir (100%)

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Silencing Strike (33%)

Etymology Edit

The name is possibly a mangling of Lammergeier. Lammergeier is a type of vulture found across Europe, Asia, and Africa. The word is German for "lamb-vulture," named so because it was believed the vulture preyed on lambs.

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