The Lemure, also known as the Chamcubia and the Disabler, is an enemy in Final Fantasy V.


Battle Edit

She frequently appears with Cherie and Parthenope, a dangerous combination due to their combined penchant for status-inflicting attacks.

Lemure uses Embrace to petrify a target, Spore to poison, and the Blue Magic spell Pond's Chorus to change a party member into a Toad.

Ribbons may rarely be stolen from Lemures.

If the player party has the Necromancer job class, gained by offing Enuo, they're eligible to learn Dark Arts Dark Haze if they slay a Lemure with a Necromancer.

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Etymology Edit

In Roman mythology, lemures (singular lemur) were shades or spirits of the restless or malignant dead, and are probably cognate with an extended sense of larvae (sing. larva = mask) as disturbing or frightening.

Trivia Edit

  • Aerith Gainsborough from Compilation of Final Fantasy VII resembles Lemure, both being flower girls with similar clothes and hairstyles. It also holds the Ribbon item, a signature part of Aerith's outfit.
  • In Nomura's concept sketch, he labelled the character as "Rozana".

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