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FFRK Legend Materia are stones with additional passive abilities in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. They are an extension of the Record Materia system, and were introduced with the June 8, 2017 backend update.

How Legend Materia workEdit

Unlike Record Materia earned by leveling or battle requirements, Legend Materia are acquired with complete mastery of Record Spheres, or grafted onto relics of rarity rank 5 or higher, and must be mastered by the units to whom the relics belong, similar to the way Soul Breaks are mastered and integrated. Once acquired or mastered, the unit's two Legend Materia slots are unlocked, but the unit may only use the Legend Materia assigned to him/her.

List of Legend MateriaEdit

Legend Materia marked with an asterisk (*) are currently only available in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Core ClassesEdit

Legend Materia Description Acquired With Method of Acquisition
FFRK Spellgird Icon
Reduce black magic damage taken a small amount. FFRK Deci Sprite
Legend Sphere
Secret of the Archives
FFRK Secret of the Archives Icon
Increase the duration of stat buffs generated by the user and their related effects a moderate amount. Applies to most stat buffs and their effects. FFRK Deci Sprite
Legend Sphere
Archival Secrets*
FFRK Unknown Tyro LM Icon
Begin battle with delay removed from user's actions for 2 turns. FFRK Deci Sprite
FFRK Minstry of History's Hat
Keeper's Cap

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Materia means "matter" or "substance" in Latin. It also means "subject" in Italian and Spanish, and is the ascendant of Portuguese "Matéria".