A knight of Grandshelt and lifelong companion to Rain, whose family took him in when he was orphaned as a child. Sharing command of the airshipt fleet with his friend, he tries to serve as a voice of reason to the impulsive Rain... with only occasional success.
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Lasswell is the deuteragonist of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A renowned knight from the Kingdom of Grandshelt, he is Rain's childhood friend and adopted brother, and treats his adoptive father, Sir Raegen, with great respect. Together, the two are granted the power of visions by the mysterious Fina so that they can save their world, Lapis.

He wields the sword Purple Lightning, which is featured in the game's logo, along with Rain's weapon and Fina herself. In the second season, he wields both blades.

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Appearance Edit

Lasswell has blue eyes and long, black hair. He wears a brown shirt with a purple and silver coat adorned with a rank stripe on his right arm: two down arrows and two horizontal lines and a large assortment of belts. His attire is complete with black pants, silver leg-guards, and black gloves.

Lasswell's second season appearance remains largely unchanged from his first appearance, except that he has his hair drawn back in a ponytail. He also wears a red epaulette with golden borders on his left shoulder, with Crimson Saber resting on his back.

Personality Edit

Lasswell is in many ways the opposite of Rain: level-headed, calm, and strict; he is the voice of reason in the party and rarely acts out of his emotions. He doesn't tolerate careless behavior and is easily peeved by Rain, and while he generally follows his friend's lead, Lasswell does voice his objections due to his no-nonsense and cautious attitude. He is also a diligent worker who is entirely devoted to his duties and training. Unlike Rain, Lasswell is shown to be rather clueless about romantic feelings, whether they are his own or those of others. Perhaps due to his own past, he has a soft spot for orphaned children, as seen with Emma.

Even if his hard-earned skills rival Rain's natural talent, Lasswell harbors conflicting feelings of trust and inadequacy toward his lifelong friend, viewing himself as inferior to Rain. Mostly due to a feeling that he owes Rain's family (in particular, Sir Raegen, for whom Lasswell holds the utmost respect) a debt of gratitude for taking him in when he was orphaned, Lasswell has taken it upon himself to protect Rain—going as far to refuse to drink water and almost die from dehydration while crossing the Zadehl Desert so as to save water for Rain in case he needed it.

When Lasswell did in fact become stronger than Rain through sheer discipline, he developed deep feelings of guilt and regret and was horrified at the sight of utterly trouncing Rain as he himself admits he never wanted to be beneath him or above him, but rather walk by his side an equal. This wake-up call regains Lasswell's confidence and puts an end to the obsession between the comparisons of both.

Looking after Rain is also a way to honor the memory of Raegen, although he struggles with the knowledge that this lineage is not his own. In fact, although Lasswell was raised by Rain's parents as a true son, and being Rain's brother more than anything else (with Lid remarking that Lasswell seemed more like an older brother than just a friend), Lasswell refers to Raegen and Sophia as "Sir" and "Miss", respectively. However after reuniting with Raegen once more and spending more time together, Lasswell breaks free of the stern distance he put and begins to address Raegen in a more familiar tone, referring him to as his father, much to Raegen's delight.

During Season Two it is seen that Lasswell can be surprisingly childish in a sense, as despite being thoroughly mocked and provoked into being called weak by Akstar, none of that affected him as deeply as being called "Lassworm" a nickname he deeply despises. Despite disliking the veteran warrior, he still is capable of swallowing his pride and ask him to teach him better swordsmanship, being capable of seeing the greater picture of things. As time passes he grows accustomed to Akstar's ridiculous nicknames although they still annoy him.

Season Two also brings out a much more confident and determined side to Lasswell, under Akstar's training he affirms his true strength being the hopes and dreams of those he is fighting for, which when pushed draw out incredible power from him and his Hess bloodline. He also becomes much more clear headed in moments of conflict, Akstar taking note of when he immediately focused on saving an afflicted Fina than thinking any more of chasing Rain for the moment. This side of him seems to earn him admirers, such as the Magus Sisters.


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Early lifeEdit

As an infant, Lasswell's parents were killed by monsters. As his father had been a brother-in-arms to Sir Raegen, Raegen and his wife, Sophia, took Lasswell in and raised him alongside Rain. Sir Raegen taught the young Lasswell many things, and mentored him in the arts of the sword.

In "Guardian of the Order", Lasswell, Rain and two other children are seen playing when a stranger approaches them. The cultist hypnotizes the boys and claims he will make their wishes come true if they go outside the city at night, before leaving. General Loren and Captain Amy then approach Lasswell and Rain and ask whether they saw a bard, but they answer that they didn't and then return home. Later that night, and under the cultist's spell, they both sneak out. The two are followed by their father, but a large number of monsters start attacking the city. Lasswell and the other children are led to a cavern, where they will be sacrificed to the cultist's god; however, Loren's team manages to rescue them on time.

FFBE Lasswell receives Purple Lightning

After practicing for a long time, Lasswell mastered Raegen's signature move, Tranquility, on his own. He went to show it to Raegen, but Lasswell then saw Rain learning the technique in the blink of an eye. Lasswell then realized that Rain had a special gift he would never have, and knew for certain that he was not Raegen's son. Frustrated, Lasswell continued training until Raegen approached him and asked him why he pushed himself so hard. Lasswell answered that he wanted to be stronger than everyone else. Seeing his determination, Raegen gave Lasswell his own sword, Purple Lightning, telling him to become greater than he ever could.

Five years before the events of the game, Lasswell was away training when Sophia was killed under Raegen's watch; he brought her body to their home where Rain was waiting for her. His father blamed himself for her passing, but rather than explaining what had happened, Raegen abandoned them. Afterwards, Rain was unable to tell Lasswell what had happened, only that she was lost in an accident; knowing that he would lie for his sake, Lasswell respected his silence.

Upon Raegen's disappearance, both Lasswell and Rain sought to enter the Royal Guard as their father had done. During their training days as squires, the two met Charlotte; due to the three being evenly matched, they often sparred together, but as Rain often skipped training, Lasswell and Charlotte spent a lot of time together. In order to become full-fledged knights, the three, along with Lawrence, took part in a trial supervised by General Loren. Despite the difficulty, the four made it through Inferno Hollow as expected. Back at the capital, Loren congratulated them on passing their test. Eventually, Lasswell and Rain were given shared command of the kingdom's airship fleet.

Season One Edit

While on patrol aboard their airship, Lasswell and Rain are attacked by a horde of monsters. When they defeat them, a girl encased in crystal appears and warning them of the Earth Crystal's shattering. The two make it to the Earth Shrine, where they find an armor-clad man contemplating the crystal. Though Lasswell and Rain try to defend the crystal, the man destroys the Earth Crystal and leaves. The girl in the crystal, Fina, then reappears, grants the two knights the power of visions and teleports them away. Outside the shrine, the duo finds their airship wrecked and their men killed by the armored man, and so decide to report the incident to the King of Grandshelt.

FFBE Grandshelt Castle attack

Forced to travel on foot, they make their way to Grandshelt Castle, only to find it sieged. They rescue the king, but the armor-clad man reappears. The Darklord notices that they hold the power of visions, and reveals his identity and allegiance to the Sworn Six of Paladia. Before leaving, he tries to kill them; Fina protects them, though, and her encasement shatters. After the assault, Rain resolves to prevent the Sworn Six from destroying the remaining crystals and departs on his own, but Lasswell decides to accompany him.

At Lodin, the amnesiac Fina asks to join their crusade. Although Lasswell objects, he reluctantly agrees when Rain vouches for her; it is not until after she obtains the heathaze bloom to prove that she can be useful that Lasswell fully accepts her in the party. After reaching Grandport, they follow Darklord to the Lanzelt Ruins, but he proves too powerful once again. Undeterred, the trio hires a ship to Dirnado, which makes a stop in Kolobos Isle. There, they save Emma from zombies and Lasswell accepts to escort her to the Shrine of Decay so that she can confirm whether his mother has died or not. At the shrine, they meet Dr. Lazarov, but he manages to escape. The trio and Emma return to Kolobos Port, where they bid the girl farewell and resume their journey to Dirnado. Halfway, the ship is attacked by Leviathan and the trio is washed up to Maranda Coast.

Still, the trio makes it to Dilmagia, where they request an airship from the master engineer Lid. Though she refuses to ask the military, she offers to guide them to the Wind Shrine and permanently joins the party upon discovering her brother Evan working for the Sworn Six, on the Invincible. They best Veritas of the Heavens in battle, but he manages to destroy the Wind Crystal. Now committed to the trio's cause, Lid helps them request an airship, which allows them to travel to Olderion.

They soon meet Nichol, and help him search for his sister Luka. After finding her, the party decides to escort the siblings to Lake Dorr so that she may put an end to the monster attacks harassing the Aquapolis. They find that Veritas of the Waters has polluted the waters by injuring Leviathan; Luka pacifies the esper and descends to the bottom of the lake to purify the waters and heal the water god. The next day, however, Waterlord floods the Aquapolis and Dark Fina is awakened, forcing Waterlord to flee. The party pursues her on Mercedes's ship, and manage to take the Sacred Ring away from her – yet, Rain's power is awakened. They go to the Water Shrine next, where Fina uses the Water Crystal's shattered remains brimming with Elle's power to save Rain and the Aquapolis. In spite of his loss, Nichol permanently joins the party.

FFBE Lasswell determination

In imperial territory, they meet rebel leader Jake, who requests their help in overthrowing Emperor Sozhe as he has plans to invade Grandshelt, thus forcing the knights' involvement. As they attempt to destroy key facilities, they meet Veritas of the Flame, who calls Lasswell unworthy of Purple Lightning, greatly angering the knight. Rain, voicing his anger towards his father, demands Lasswell to discard the blade but he refuses as it means too much for him.

Despite their disagreement, Lasswell is injured while protecting Rain, and hides his wounds in order to continue. At the Fire Shrine, they meet Flamelord again; with ignited resolve to achieve greater power and to duel Rain one day, Purple Lightning resonates and grants Lasswell the strength to overpower Flamelord but his wounds take the best of him. He is unexpectedly saved by Darklord so that he may able to battle Rain and Lasswell. The knights defeat the Veritas and they retreat for the time being.

Jake, however, betrays the group and destroys the Fire Crystal in order to ensure his people's safety. Despite this, the party follows him to Downtown Zoldaad. While they are imprisoned for trying to rescue Prince Shera, they escape with Amelia's aid and confront Lazarov, Emperor Sozhe and Evan. Although Sozhe passes away, Lid manages to snap her brother out of his brainwashing; Evan then helps the party board Invincible with the Enterprise. In its interior, Heavenlord appears and kills Lazarov for stealing Invincible, and teleports Rain and the party out of the airship. Back at Zoldaad's capital, the meet Sakura, who promises to provide answers related to the Sworn Six if they escort her back to Mysidia.

The party travels with her as accorded. They are soon forced to protect the Light Crystal from Veritas of the Light and Veritas of the Earth; the latter infuses Fina with his own power in order to awaken Dark Fina (thus slowly erasing the other Fina) to satiate his lust for battle. Leaving the crystal at their mercy, Sakura teleports the party away to escape their assault. The party then uses a book from the Magic Library to navigate Fina's memories to save her, while also learning of the Sworn Six's past and the war between Aldore and Hess. Interrupted by Lightlord, they learn that Raegen was once Darklord, but are unsure of who dons the armor now. They escape and resume their search in Fina's Psyche.

After witnessing the civil war's conclusion, the party returns to the real world with Fina saved but with Dark Fina existing in parallel. After anoterencounter with Lightlord and Earthlord, the party goes to Gronoa to protect the Dark Crystal, the last one remaining. With Ilias and Fohlen's help, they reach the shrine, where they defend it from Dark Elf. They are able to defeat him only with the wounded Lightlord's help. After killing Elf, she retreats promising to settle the score for good.

While clearing the shrine, Lasswell achieves an incredible level of power due to his training, but starts feeling conflicted about it. Sakura then senses the presence of Veritas of the Frost at a nearby village. When the party arrives, Frostlord freezes all the villagers and forces the party to fight with one another to fight the strongest amongst them. Lasswell first fights Nichol, then Jake, and finally Rain, but holds back due to having realized that he had never meant to surpass Rain, but to be able to just stand by his side. Seeing his weakness has hurt Lasswell, Rain releases his dormant power and proves an equal match for Lasswell, ultimately defeating him, resulting in Lasswell's peace of mind.

At the Gronoa Shrine, the party confronts and defeats Veritas of the Frost just in time for the Sworn Six of Paladia to appear. They notice the Frostlord and invite him back to their group, but he is revealed to be none other than Raegen and fights alongside Lasswell and the others. When the shrine becomes unstable, Sakura and Raegen teleport the party and crystal to Pharm. There, they confront the Veritas one by one (of which Earth, Heavens and Flame fall in battle), due to Nichol wanting to exact his revenge on Waterlord. However, he allows her to live so that she may atone for her sins, and the party catches up with Raegen. Together, they prevent Darklord (who is revealed to be a vision of Raegen) and Lightlord from destroying the crystal.

Before the party can rejoice, Sol and Behemoth K destroy the crystal, and knock the party out. Darklord is killed by Behemoth as the sages move to the dimensional gate in order to destroy Lapis. When they regain consciousness, they set out to climb the crystal tower to stop the two sages and close the gate. As they climb, Raegen shows Rain and Lasswell a vision of Sophia, keeping his promise to her; later on, Waterlord and Lightlord join their efforts thanks to Nichol. The two remaining Veritas keep Behemoth busy, while Rain and the others catch up with Sol. When he puts up a barrier, the group realizes that Fina is going to disappear, but Dark Fina sacrifices herself: she becomes the Earth Crystal, sealing the land once again, allowing Fina to carry on existing.

Fina dispels Sol's barrier and the party makes it to the summit, where they find and defeat Sol. The sage, however, summons the Chaotic Darkness—born from the evil that lurks in humanity, and which blasts the land below, creating a floating continent. As they traverse the various lands, Raegen converses with Lasswell intending to tell him the truth of his parentage after the battle ends, all the while being internally conflicted that Lasswell does not call him "dad". Behemoth K, having defeated the Lightlord and Waterlord, teleports before them, but in his weakened state, the party puts him to rest. At the Land of Darkness, they defeat Sol, but the sage declares his hatred of Rain, and retreats. Supported by the prayers of those they met during their journey, and Evan on the Invincible, Rain and the others defeat the Chaotic Darkness for good.

As the gate must be closed, Raegen awakens Aldore's power; he admits that sealing the gate is risky, he is confident he can do it. Despite this, Lasswell tells Raegen to be careful and finally calls him "Dad". Raegen attempts to close the gate but is unsuccessful as his strength has been drained. Rain awakens to his own power in order to assist Raegen, and the gate begins to close. However, Sol appears and intends to force the Gate wide open, and Rain intercepts the sage, with the clash causing both of them to disappear (with Crimson Saber falling to the deck of the Invincible). As the party is flabbergasted and saddened at Rain's apparent death, Lasswell is confident that Rain is alive and vows to find him.

Season TwoEdit

FFBE Lasswell Season 2 Concept Art

Lasswell in Season Two by Yoshitaka Amano.

A few months later, Lasswell, Raegen (whom Lasswell now refers to as "Father") and Fina hear from Sakura that she has received information that Rain ended up in Paladia. Aboard the Invincible, the three – alongside Sakura, Jake, Lid and Nichol – pass through the partially-open gate in order to find Rain.

However, the group splits up at one point: Raegen, upon discovering that his homeworld has been turned into a dictatorship, vows to free Paladia and goes to the Aldore Tower to confront the Aldore Emperor, assisted by the mysteriously-revived Veritas. Lasswell and the others, who are attacked by Aldorian forces, are scattered thourought the Georl continent.

Lasswell and Fina quickly find Jake and Lid but, as they search for Nichol and Sakura, they defend an escaped prisoner from Galas of the Omicron Star, a member of the Orders. However, he proves too powerful; they survive only due to Akstar's intervention. Lasswell is grateful, but the stranger calls him "Lassworm" and tells that he is too weak before teleporting away. The party then escorts the escapee to his village, and he tells them he met somebody who matched Rain's decription at the labor camps.

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Gameplay Edit

Lasswell is one of the two starting units, alongside Rain. His job is that of a Knight and his main role is Physical Damage, although he also has access to Ice and Wind Black Magic. He starts the game at 2★, but can awakened up to 6★, and can equip swords, great swords and katanas, as well as light shields, helms, clothes, light armors, heavy armors and accessories.

Lasswell has several variants: the Global-exclusive "Dracu Lasswell" (5-6★) available during the Halloween events; "Hunter Lasswell" (5-6★) from the Japan-exclusive collaboration with Monster Hunter Explore, and "Swordsman Lasswell" (4-5★), a reward for the Taipei Fan Festa attendees.

From Season Two onwards, "Pyro Glacial Lasswell" (氷炎の騎士ラスウェル, Hien no Kishi Rasuweru?, lit. Knight of Ice and Fire Lasswell), a 5-6★ Rare Summon, has been available in the JP version. He has almost the same equipment selection as his story variant (he trades hats for light shields), his stats are higher and his skill set was reworked, though he is still a physical damage-oriented unit. Like the other CG units, Lasswell's Limit Burst is a special CG movie and has a powerful effect: it deals unmitigated damage, and unlocks powerful abilities for several turns. He does have a 7★ upgrade currently in JP, granting him access to his new powers gained during the storyline, such as "Absolute Mirror of Equity".

Battle Edit

During the story, Lasswell is a boss fought at Rotten Shrine - Knight for a Fight during Chapter VII.

He appeared under the name "Azure Knight" as one of two final bosses of the Time for Revenge story event, alongside Rain (then named "Crimson Knight").

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Lasswell appears on a sticker set for the LINE communications app. The sticker set she appears in is titled "FFBEスタンプ Vol.1".[3]