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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time Boss
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Larkeicus Final
Location Tower
Item Dropped Normal: Yesteryear Watch, Black Silver, Black Gold, White Silver, Seraph Dust, Sulfur Dust, Homunculus Core, Seer Stone, Impersonator's Mask (Scroll), Sei Gem, Ki Gem, Ko Gem, Sui Gem
Hard Mode: Adamantite, Abyssian, Ultimite, Orichalcum, Holy Orb, Kurenai, Shisui, Murasaki, Ryoko, Holy Judgment (Scroll), Burnout Broom (Scroll), Jewel Bat (Scroll), Ultima Weapon (Scroll), Grand Slam (Scroll), Burnout Broom (Scroll), Lance of Longinus (Scroll)
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RoF Stun Icon RoF Time-Space Icon RoF Dark Icon
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Larkeicus is the final boss of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.


First FightEdit

Larkeicus will summon golems to attack, one of each type, but by drawing them closer to him when they explode will cause him to be stunned for a few moments. You can add even more down time to him by freezing him. Casting Barrier (Fire + Clear) will allow you to negate his Curse-inflicting attack as well.

He can scratch with his new claw or send dark energy through the ground to flip and Poison targets. His dark sphere attack now splits into five spheres that spread out and inflicts Blind or release the energy into the sky where it rains down inflicting damage and Curse.

Remember, if you anticipate that a spell will be cast on you, use the Haste effect that Clavats, Lilties, and Selkies get for charging their focus attacks, and move out of the attack radius.

Second FightEdit

Once again, the player can cast Blizzard to give a few moments of free attacking time. Larkeicus will cast Firaga, Blizzaga or Thundaga and his casting ring is quick as well. If he doesn't do that he'll summon special crystals to cast Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder, the real problem is Larkeicus takes reduced damage as long as one crystal is around.

Usually, but not always he'll summon an arm. They too have the exact same magic as the smaller crystals but can also make a character flinch by scratching them or knock them away by smashing the ground, this is the best time to destroy the weaker crystals. If two arms are still on the field he will summon a massive crystal beast which has Curse as well as Bioga added to mix and may try to release a small energy wave to stop attackers.

Normally, Larkeicus will fuse with the three parts (he's invincible at this point and the smaller crystals don't merge). He'll be able to cast the usual magic of the fusees and perform a stronger scratch attack. His most noticeable move is were he slams the ground sending players air born where his hands can grab you and leave you in front of a crystal beam. This attack is highly damaging but easily avoidable and exposes the beast's weak spot which if hit will cause it to shatter like glass. If you get as far as him merging, and if you manage to break it apart again, he will be stunned for a while.

Take note that this boss has no set attack pattern. Sometimes he doesn't stop spawning the arms, while other times he can be defeated before he even summons one.

Also, on very hard mode Larkeicus drops all of the ultimate weapons for each tribe.