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Larkeicus is a boss from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. He is fought twice during the course of the story. He cannot be picked up unless the player has Arm Boost Lv2 or higher.

During the first fight, he will immediately summon three Golems and then continuously cast the spells Bio, Slow, and Quake. In addition, he can also throw dark orbs at the player, use a lightning bolt to inflict Thunder-elemental damage and Paralysis, or a flame bolt to inflict Fire-elemental damage and Burn. In addition, he can also swat at the player.

The best way to deal with Larkeicus is to attack his Golems and have them countdown, then have them use Self-Destruct next to Larkeicus to stun him and leave him wide open to attacks.


First battle

Second battle

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