XI Larceny (ラーセニー, Rāsenī?) is the Thief SP2 ability in Final Fantasy XI. It will instantly steal one beneficial status effect from the targeted enemy, prioritizing special job ability effects. Thus, effects such as Manafont or Invincible can be stolen. However, it will not steal other SP2 abilities, nor can it steal Astral Flow or Meikyo Shisui because the latter two abilities when used by monsters are handled by monster scripting rather than being status effects like they are for players.


  • Originally, the Thief SP2 ability was intended to be Bamboozle (バンブーズル, Banbūzuru?), which would have worked like Trick Attack only stronger. However, players objected to the idea as being uninteresting, leading to the developers to scrap it in favor of Larceny.