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Lapis is a world in the Final Fantasy universe, serving as the primary setting for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It is connected to the Farplane.

A world of crystals that contain the legendary visions that transcend space and time, Lapis also houses six great crystals that maintain the world's balance. Politically, Lapis is mainly comprised by island nations.

Story Edit

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The world of Lapis coexists with Paladia's world, but the inhabitants of each world did not interact much until the conclusion of the Paladian civil war between Aldore and Hess, 700 years before the game's events. Led by the Sworn Eight of Paladia, the Aldore military forces engaged the armies of Hess in a final attempt to end the war. By sealing the Eight Sages—the military leaders of Hess—inside crystals, the plan was to begin the peace negotiations as per the wish of Veritas of the Dark (real name Raegen), the leader of the Sworn Eight.

However, the Veritas were betrayed. The leaders of Aldore feared the Sworn Eight's power and their influence over the people as heroes, and felt threated by the possibility of the Sworn Eight playing a major part in shaping Aldore's future after the war. By creating a dimensional gate, they banished the Veritas, the Eight Sages, the soldiers of Aldore and Hess, and the very land they stood upon, to Lapis.

To ensure that it would remain fixed to Lapis for ages to come, Aldore put a seal upon the land to keep it from returning and to keep the Eight Sages imprisoned. Eight great crystals formed the seal, each of the crystals corresponding to one of the elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Earth, Wind, Light and Dark. The force generated by the land passing through the gate was tremendous in scale, destroying nearly half of Lapis in the process.

In the aftermath, many battles broke out between the Paladian soldiers and the people from Lapis who had survived the catastrophe, but in the end, most Paladian chose instead to live side by side with the native inhabitants, mixing their bloods. In the current era, it has been theorized that most of the people now living in Lapis have some Paladian ancestry. Proof of such ancestry would be the power of visions (a power which the people of Paladia hold from the time they are born), which simply lies dormant within their descendants.

Eventually, several nations arose on each of Lapis' continents. One of the earliest was Magi Nation Mysidia, one of its founders being Veritas of the Bolt (real name Sakura). Located on the continent of Mysidia, it boasts the longest history of any nation in Lapis. Another nation, the Kingdom of Grandshelt, originated origins in a group of aspirants to the Earth Crystal's power who invaded the archipelago it was located in, and displaced the native inhabitants.

For a long time, the sealing crystals would remain an source of conflict among the nations, who clashed for their control due to the power they contained. Two of the crystals, the Ice and Lightning Crystals, were destroyed at some point, while the six remaining ones were placed in shrines for protection. With each great nation in control of a crystal, the wars ended and the countries entered a time of peace.

The Sworn Eight, who had been rendered nearly immortal by Paladia's technology, were left with a strong desire for revenge against Aldore. However, as they were unable to return to Paladia, the feelings of anger began to subside after six centuries of residency on Lapis. At the time, Sakura and her older sister, Veritas of the Light, learned that the dimensional gate they been banished through had never really disappeared and that it was, in fact, opening. Most of the Veritas agreed that they should destroy the crystals, with the exception of Sakura and Raegen, who forsook their armors and left the group, refusing to further shed innocent blood.

Bent on revenge, however, the remaining Veritas prepared to destroy the crystals and, a hundred years later, put their plans into motion. Although opposed by Raegen's son, Rain, and his friends, the Sworn Six manage to destroy most crystals.

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Musical themes Edit

"To the Horizon" is the theme that plays on the world map. It is the disc one's second track on the soundtrack.

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Etymology Edit

Lapis is the Latin word for "stone".

Lapis lazuli, sometimes abbreviated to lapis, is a deep blue semi-precious stone that has been prized since antiquity for its intense color. It is the birthstone for December.