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I'm sure you didn't hire me for my manners, Your Majesty.
—Lani to Queen Brahne

Lani (ラニ, Rani?), known in-game as the Boisterous Woman before learning her name, is a non-player character in Final Fantasy IX. She is a bounty hunter who wields a large bladed bardiche and uses Black Magic, and who initially works with Amarant Coral.



Lani is a 19 year old woman with dark skin and brown shoulder-length hair adorned by a headdress with a green feather and a blue teardrop. She wears a cropped orange top with puffed yellow sleeves, black gloves, black shorts with patterned orange duster trimmed with fur, and red heeled shoes with black criss-crossing straps around her calves.


Lani believes herself to be the most beautiful bounty hunter in the world. Never without her trademark axe, she speaks as if it has a mind of its own, and will not hesitate to turn against even her most trusted companions. She is rude, disrespectful and haughty. Her softer side is revealed when she becomes stranded on a remote continent, and becomes more careful and quiet in her ways.


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Lani stays at the Lindblum inn, complaining about the room and the moogle keeping her up all night, and participates in the Festival of the Hunt, although Zidane and his friends do not yet meet her.

Later, Lani is hired by Queen Brahne to retrieve Princess Garnet's Silver Pendant and to kill Vivi, the rogue black mage traveling with her, although this part of her objective seems to go forgotten. She attacks Zidane, Garnet, Vivi, and Quina in Fossil Roo, but is defeated. She follows them through the passage to the Outer Continent and all the way to Madain Sari, where she seizes her chance to fulfill her mission.


Lani kidnaps Eiko.

Lani works with Amarant, whom she calls "Red," but finds herself at odds with him when Amarant disapproves of her methods of reaching her objective when Lani holds Eiko Carol hostage. After Amarant turns against her she is forced to release Eiko and flee. Instead of returning to the Mist Continent, Lani stays at Outer Continent, and seems to have seen the error in her ways and no longer pursues her objective of capturing Garnet's pendant.

Lani settles in Madain Sari with Eiko's moogles, starting a new life. When the party later finds her, she says she tried returning to the Mist Continent, but Fossil Roo was blocked, and the Alexandrian Fleet was destroyed before her eyes. She became weak and wandered through the Outer Continent until the Madain Sari moogles rescued her. Grateful, Lani realizes she was selfish her whole life, stating that living with the moogles is wonderful, and she hasn't thought about money once ever since. She tells Zidane she is glad to have lost their last fight.

When Tantalus Theater Troupe returns to Alexandria to perform I Want to Be Your Canary for Queen Garnet, Lani is heading to Alexandria with Amarant.

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Lani appears as a boss in Fossil Roo. She is a skilled warrior with high damage output, and uses second tier Black Magic spells, with the exception of tier one Water, along with Scan and several physical attacks. She tends to prioritize attacking Garnet. She will then make Vivi her priority should Garnet be KO'd.

Tetra MasterEdit

Lani can be challenged for a game of Tetra Master when she starts living in Madain Sari. She has Hecteyes, Ogre and Ash, and will occasionally play with Odin.

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Lani is Hawaiian for "sky." Final Fantasy IX has many references to Hawaii because that's where Square's American branch used to be located and where the game was developed.

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