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Lamias lure prey with sweet out!

Lamias in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance are red snake-like creatures that have similar qualities to Lamias from previous Final Fantasy games. Their skills are notorious for inflicting a myriad of status effects.

Abilities Edit

Song Edit

Lamia command. Confuse enemy with beautiful song.

Skill Effect MP Use
Night* Call to the darkness. Puts all units but the caster to sleep. 24
Hand Slap Flat handed slap. Deals damage and delays target's next turn. N/A
Poison Frog Turns target into a Frog and poisons. N/A

* Denotes a Blue Magick skill.

Reaction Edit

Skill Effect
Counter Follows up enemy attack with a counterattack.

Support Edit

Skill Effect
Weapon Atk + Improves weapon attacks to deal more damage.

Appearances Edit

Missions Edit

Mission Name Information
Turf Defense Mission: Mission: Help Dorsa! The Lamia is the only monster from Clan Hounds that help the Blue Mage, Elementalist, and Gunner in their takeover attempt.
Turf Defense Mission: Mission: Help Uladon! The Lamia and Lilith return in this turf defense mission.
Turf Defense Mission: Mission: Help Helje! Only monsters from the Jagd Emissaries are present in this mission.
Mission #049: A Lost Ring Two Lamias appear here, one on the riverwalk and once on the riverbank.
Mission #062: Oasis Frogs Three Lamias have been eating the frogs that inhabit Cadoan.
Mission #007: Diamond Rain A Lamia confronts Marche under the paranormal weather conditions.
Mission #076: Fire Sigil The Falgabird Marilis is a level 13 Lamia that controls three Mog Knights.
Mission #058: Royal Ruins A Lamia guards the mysterious statues of Nargai Cave.
Mission #083: Foreign Fiend Clan Borzoi has imported a level 38 Queen Lamia from faraway lands, who attacks the party by herself.

Clan Encounters Edit

Home Base Clan Name Information
Jagd Dorsa Clan Hounds A Lamia and a couple of other monsters assist this rugged Jagd clan.
Uladon Bog Roaming Naiads A Lamia and Lilith are members of this clan.
Jagd Helje Jagd Emissaries It seems that Lamias like to live in lawless zones, as they aid yet another Jagd clan.

Etymology Edit

In Greek mythology, Lamia was a beautiful Libyan queen who turned into a child-eating demon. She is often referred to as having the lower half of a snake and sometimes a large mouth (lamia in Greek means "large shark", while laimos means gullet).

Later characteristics attributed to her are similar to that of succubi, in that the lamia seduces men, enticing them in order to feed on their blood. It is also said they reside in towers or secluded areas and have magical abilities.