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It is past time your flame was extinguished... "Bringer of Light."

Lahabrea is fought as the final stage of the final boss sequence in Final Fantasy XIV. He is fought again as the penultimate boss of Heavensward.

Battle Edit

Praetorium Edit

Lahabrea is notorious among fans for being an easy final boss, so much that The Ultima Weapon is often cited as the game's true final boss. Lahabrea's main offensive attack is Shadow Orb, which deals very low damage to a random party member. He can also create pools of dark energy that detonate called Sea of Pitch, and knock back enemies in melee range with Grip of Night. His most powerful attack is Shadow Flare, which he will only cast twice. The attack will strike the entire party, but never deal enough damage to KO an adequately equipped character.

All characters have the Blessing of Light status effect permanently cast on them, boosting their stats and regenerating their health. Therefore, losing the battle is virtually impossible, unless one deliberately avoids attacking Lahabrea at all.

Aetherochemical Research Facility Edit

In the dual fight with him and Igeyorhm, Lahabrea is significantly more dangerous. Initially, he will be untargetable and teleports around casting End of Days from the sidelines, while the party engages Igeyorhm. Sometimes, they do a combination attack wherein they cast Blizzard Sphere, followed by Fire Spheres. The Blizzard Spheres will bind any caught player in place, leaving them unable to evade the Fire Sphere (which inflicts Suppuration).

Once Igeyorhm's health reaches 50%, the two switch combat roles and Lahabrea is fought directly. Lahabrea will occasionally freeze the field, making it difficult to dodge AoE attacks without sliding into Sea of Pitch.

As soon as he reaches 50% health, a cutscene plays in which he and Igeyorhm will fuse into Ascian Prime.

Music Edit

The theme played during both fight is called "Thunderer", the song features a choir chanting "Conflict" and "Attack" the theme is composed by Naoshi Mizuta. XIV