Encounters Edit

Ha ha, got a case of the jitters?

Have you thought this through?

I'm probably gonna win!

Just leave it to me.

Hey now, don't scowl so much.

Don't know 'til you try.
when opponent is stronger

Well, you got my attention now.
when opponent is stronger

My - my leg's not cramped!
when HP is low

Time to stand firm, yup!
when HP is low

Let's have some fun!

Alright, fight me!

Well, time for me to start my run.
when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle.

Alright, feeling good.
when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle.

No problem, I'll deal with this.
when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle

Just sit back and watch how a real man fights.
when last to fight in a round-robin battle

Encounters: Character Specific Edit

You're really gonna fight with just a sword?
Warrior of Light

I'd rather interview you than fight you.

No use in obsessing now!

Your highness, don't fall for your own traps.

Time to play with Uncle Laguna!
Onion Knight

Oh no. Not good. Focus, Laguna.
Cloud of Darkness

Attack me however you want.

Don't fly too high and bonk your head.

Hey dude, keeping secrets isn't cool.

You starting your impersonation show?

Passion can't be erased for good, y'know.

You know, you might want to calm down a little.

Come on, cheer up! Don't look so gloomy.

Soooo, guess I better get serious.

Hey, I can be cool too, y'know!

Looking good, fighting with your fists!

Heroes sure come in many flavors.

Come at me with a bang!

Maybe I oughta try that look next.

Guess I can't let a witch off the hook.

I'll tie that tail of yours into a knot!

Let me sing you a song.

You're on fire inside, aren't cha kid?

I know how it feels wanting to protect others too.

Wonder if I can be a good old man, too?

Hey now, I don't want to take a test.

Grow up. I'm gonna win.

Would you just stand still?

Seems your armor's not the only weight on your shoulders...

Hey, you don't have to be so uptight.

You have a lot of troubles too, huh?

Maybe I should believe in this "courage" stuff!
Feral Chaos

Encounters: Story Specific Edit

Treachery of the Gods: Clues
Cloud of Darkness: "Come. We will drown you in the darkness."
Laguna: "Yeah, 'fraid I'm gonna hafta pass on that."

Treachery of the Gods: An Undocumented Battle
Cloud of Darkness: "You've chosen death. Now, let us see it!"
Laguna: "Sure. I got your death right here."


There you go!
when using Machine Gun

Go, go, go!
when using Missile Barrage

when using Electroshield

Fire in the hole!
when using Sticky Bomb

Look out!
when using Ricochet Shot

Hey you!
when using Ricochet Shot (charged)

when using Homing Bazooka

when using Shotgun

This'll hurt!
when using Shotgun (charged)

Get 'em!
when using Ragnarok Blade

Time to unload!
when using Ragnarok Buster

Bombs away!
when using Satellite Laser

This'll be a blast. . . Woo-hoo!
when using Split Laser

Set! How's that?!
when using HP attack during chase

You've awakened the genius!
when activating EX Mode

Now it's a party!
when activating EX Burst

Go, go, go!
when performing EX Burst

Wasn't that a blast?
when imperfect EX Burst is performed

The greatest attack ever!
with perfect EX Burst execution

You're getting the Cuchi-cuchi treatment!
with alternate EX Burst execution

That does it!
when using EX Revenge

Don't get your hopes up!
when called as an Assist

Quit dodging!
when using Satellite Laser when called as an Assist

It's over!
when using Ragnarok Blade when called as an Assist

Victory Edit

Now, let's go for the next one!

Whoo, that was fun!

Whew, just as planned!

Just...try again tomorrow.

I think you did alright.


Hey, don't take it so hard!

Okay, I'll let you off!

Defeat Edit

Time for a quick rest!

Aw, man!

Don't care...don't care at all!

Huh...guess I'm off my game...

Augh, outta bullets!

Son of a gun, I'm not down yet!