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Ladd, also known as Rad, is a minor character in Final Fantasy Tactics. He is a mercenary apprentice accompanying Goffard Gaffgarion and Ramza Beoulve on a mission to "guard" Princess Ovelia.


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At the beginning of the story, Ladd is an apprentice to Goffard Gaffgarion, coming to Orbonne Monastery with Ramza Beoulve as an escort for Princess Ovelia. They, along with Agrias Oaks and her vassal knights Alicia and Lavian, are trapped in the chapel during an attack by the Order of the Southern Sky, and must defend the princess. The attack is repelled, but Delita Heiral kidnaps the princess while the knights are distracted. Lady Agrias resolves to give chase, and at Ramza's fervent request, the mercenaries grudgingly agree to follow. In doing so, Ladd becomes a member of Ramza's entourage.

Joining Ramza's partyEdit

Ladd is recruitable; it is the player's choice. The player may want to recruit him because of his innate Hi-Potion ability. He can be recruited at the end of "Chapter 1: The Meager," along with Lavian and Alicia, while Agrias and Gaffgarion become guests in Ramza's party.

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Though technically a named character, Ladd has no native abilities beyond that of any other generic unit, including those recruited from the Warrior's Guild. He may even be sent on Errands along with other generic units. When he joins the party, the player might find him useful as a healer or Chemist with his innate Hi-Potion ability. He joins at level 8 with 63 Bravery, 60 Faith, and equipped with the Iron Sword, Red Hood, and Ringmail.