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LV Down

LV Down.


LV Up.

LV Down (レベルダウン, Reberu Daun?) and LV Up (レベルアップ, Reberu Appu?) are command abilities in Final Fantasy VIII learned by the Guardian Force Tonberry. They manipulate an enemy's level, either by raising it or lowering it, to a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 100.

The ability allows the player to manipulate what spells may be drawn, what items can be stolen, or what items the player can win after battle, as well as how strong the enemy is. Bosses are immune to the command.

Most enemies have three tiers. Low tier is typically levels 1-19, mid tier is 20-29 and high tier is 30-100, although exceptions exist. EXP is determined by the enemy's current level (not tier) and each enemy uses a different EXP formula. AP is not affected by the level.