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FFT0 l'Cie Mode

Machina, Rem, and Sice in l'Cie Mode.

FFT0 l'Cie Mode Menu

Turning Class Zero into l'Cie.

l'Cie Mode is a bonus gameplay mode in Final Fantasy Type-0. In this mode, any member of Class Zero can be chosen to become a l'Cie. The chosen member is being enhanced which can be compared to the status effects Aura, Trance, Quick, and Protect. It also increases the damage dealt of the character by a certain multiplier.

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During Machina's Struggle, Machina enters compulsory l'Cie Mode because of him becoming a White Tiger l'Cie in his preceding storyline. Furthermore, he is the only member of Class Zero who keeps his White Tiger l'Cie appearance when entered l'Cie Mode in other missions, while the others receive their appearance accustomed to the Vermilion Bird.

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To unlock l'Cie Mode, the player must clear every mission on "Finis" difficulty; this includes the main scenario, Code Crimson, and Expert Trial missions.

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