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I got my hands full watching the shop... and Old Dalan had something for me to do, but I can't get away.

Kytes is a supporting character Final Fantasy XII and a playable character in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. An orphaned street urchin living in Rabanastre, he is under Migelo's care, and looks up to Vaan. He and Filo are the best of friends.



Kytes is a young boy with short brown hair and brown eyes.


Kytes is cautious in contrast to Filo's headstrong personality. Kytes is revealed to have a fear of earthquakes in a side mission against Hashmal in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings.

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Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Kytes's first appearance is when he shows up in Garamsythe Waterway to fetch Vaan for Migelo. Kytes is impressed how Vaan managed to kill so many rats and thinks Vaan may be ready to take on bigger monsters now. Kytes is off to do his chores and later Vaan finds him from the Sandsea, where Kytes introduces Vaan to the notice board, saying Vaan should be strong enough to take on the Rogue Tomato.

Later, Kytes congratulates Vaan after Vaan has escaped the Nalbina Dungeons. His only other appearance is during the Chaos subquest. He and Filo have found a woman who has found a fragment of the medallion needed to break Chaos's seal. He tells Vaan where to find her.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

An orphan living in Rabanastre's Lowtown, Kytes is one of Vaan's closest friends. Hoping to become a sky pirate himself, Kytes practices magick with single-minded determination.
Revenant Wings instruction booklet

Kytes returns for Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, as a playable character. Along with Filo, he joins Vaan on his new adventure.

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Buccaneer's BattalionEdit

Buccaneer's Battalion is a group in Final Fantasy XII formed by Kytes, Filo, and Deeg, and their "enthusiasm" depends on where the player is in the story and what optional quests are completed.

  • The kids can be found within Lowtown/North Sprawl inside the residence.
  • The player should kill the Wraith mark as soon as possible.
  • There is an update after finishing the storyline events in Archades.
  • There is an update after gathering all the medallion pieces for Roh'kenmu at Old Dalan's house.
  • The player can return for a final update after collecting the medallion for Roh'kenmu in Charlotte's Magickery in Archades.


Kytes's role in battle is that of a Black Mage. His skills are Black Magicks, and he also gains the ability to charge up and then cast stronger spells. He has high Magick Power, but his Defense and Speed are low. His Quickening, Nature's Wrath, deals powerful damage of a random element to all enemies in range. It can be obtained by defeating Chaos.

Kytes wields various rods in battle. Depending on his weapon properties, his elemental spells' power can be boosted accordingly.


Name Level Description Image
Firaga 2 Deal Fire damage to all foes in range. RW Firaga
Blizzaga 7 Deal Water damage to all foes in range. RW Blizzaga
Bio 12 Inflict Poison on all foes in range. RW Bio
Thundaga 18 Deal Thunder damage to all foes in range. RW Thundaga
Stonega 25 Deal Earth damage to all foes in range. RW Stonega
Charge 33 Gather magick power, increasing potency of next spell. RW Charge
Flare 42 Deal heavy damage to one foe. RW Flare
Nature's Wrath Earned after beating Chaos in Mission 39 Deal heavy elemental damage to all foes in range. RW Nature's Wrath

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Kytes TCG

Kytes with his Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings artwork appears with a lightning-elemental card.



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