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Kunsel is a SOLDIER 2nd Class and is one of Zack Fair's best friends. He plays a minor role in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, and is not mentioned in any other game. Kunsel acts as a tutor for the player, giving the player the opening tutorials via Zack's phone, as well as giving him advice on what to do on and in-between missions.



Kunsel wears a 2nd class SOLDIER uniform. His face is never seen, as he wears a SOLDIER helmet in all his appearances.


Kunsel is a loyal friend to Zack, and boasts to have insider knowledge about Shinra and tells Zack that he knows how to get information and find out secrets. His insider knowledge includes the movements of Genesis, Angeal and Sephiroth, and some peripheral knowledge of the Jenova Project as some sort of schism in the Science Department 20 years ago. Though he is loyal to Shinra, Kunsel is aware of the company's shadier dealings, not trusting their message that Genesis was killed in action. Years later he distrusts the same announcement about Zack and implies he would go against the company to aid Zack and see him to safety, continuing to send him emails during his escape from Nibelheim.


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Kunsel is knowledgeable about the workings of the Shinra Electric Power Company, knowing information most employees would normally hear very little about. He finds out the monsters in Midgar were let out of Professor Hojo's lab, that Director Lazard Deusericus laundered money from Shinra, and that Dr. Hollander had special ties to Banora Village, the hometown of M.I.A. SOLDIER members Angeal and Genesis Rhapsodos. Kunsel also gets information about the Turks hunting down two escaped "samples", and the mass desertion at SOLDIER.

Zack and Kunsel

Kunsel speaks with Zack at the Shinra Building.

From what can be seen in-game, Kunsel is laid-back about his job and cares more for his friends than his career. Throughout the game, Kunsel sends emails to Zack about different information about the company and its employees. He also commonly goes out into Midgar during his off time, walking the streets or seeing LOVELESS.

Kunsel is loyal to Zack, even after he is declared dead. Kunsel also states in an email he has visited Aerith, and spoken with her, noting the fact the wheel fell off Aerith's flower cart and she refused to allow him to fix it. Aerith, however, makes no mention of him in Final Fantasy VII.

Perhaps due to his extensive knowledge of those declared dead by Shinra, Kunsel is ready to believe Zack is still alive after four years of hearing nothing about him. When he gets news about the "samples" that have escaped Nibelheim, he quickly sends Zack an email, in which he tells him to get back to Midgar, never even hinting Zack might be dead, or that the samples could be someone else. This is Zack's last email in the game. If the player is able to defeat Minerva, Kunsel sends Zack an email describing him a SOLDIER legend.

It is unknown what happens to Kunsel after Crisis Core, although he hints in his last emails he would leave Shinra in order to help his friend.

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Crispin Freeman as Kunsel
"There's been a mass desertion at SOLDIER."
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Kunsel is voiced by Crispin Freeman in the English version, who also did the voice of Rude. Kunsel only speaks in one cutscene, in a conversation with Zack at the start of the game.

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