Will you let me hear you twitter?

Now...Time for a beautiful interlude.

Let us make beautiful music...

Have you come to be defeated by me?

Let me play your melody.

Have you come to be defeated?

I never lose a fight!
when HP is low

I can still handle you!
when HP is low

I'll show you a thing or two.
when opponent is stronger

You think you can beat me?
when opponent is stronger

I wonder how long you'd last.
when opponent is weaker

How brave you are!
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

You plan to defy ME?

You don't plan on winning, do you?

I'm going to have fun playing with you.

Don't let me down.

Let me sing your requiem.

I can feel my soul trembling.
when opponent is stronger

Fine. I will take you on.
when opponent is stronger

I will not die alone.
when HP is low

The true show begins now!
when HP is low

Isn't it thrilling?

I'll play with you.

Now for my one man show...
when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle.

Even I can't stop myself.
when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle.

The star makes his entrance...
when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle

I'll give a stellar performance!
when last to fight in a round-robin battle

Encounters: Character SpecificEdit


The moon steals light to shine brighter.
Warrior of Light

You make my skin crawl, Garland!

The weakest dog barks the loudest.

You think you can dominate me?
The Emperor

What a horrid little brat!
Onion Knight

You don't scare me one bit.
Cloud of Darkness

You don't wear the light very well.

Please get out of my sight!

I envy your lightheartedness.

Are you going to get in my way?

A poor bird without wings...

I can't STAND the untalented!

Your struggles are about to end.

Let me clip your wing, fallen one.

I'll crush your confidence.

Exit quietly, old crone.

Your screams will sound glorious with my music.

I've been longing to see you...

I've been waiting for you, Zidane...

I feel it. I can feel your true strength...

We'll soon see which one of us is real.

Simpletons like you amuse me!

Not an ounce of grace in you!

I wonder who's better, you or I?

Will you wag your tail for me?

Chaos... Ahh... What a lovely word...

Dissidia 012Edit

Undoubtedly a warrior of harmony.
Warrior of Light

There is nothing to discuss with you.

I will nip your faith in the bud.

A tyrant's reign ends quickly.
The Emperor

I will not take part in your child's play.
Onion Knight

Appearing from nowhere just to get in my way?
Cloud of Darkness

The moon is fickle, calling to the darkness.

Your penance is revolting.

Shall I expose your true colors?

I will deprive you of your freedom.

Your existence is Voidable.

Your obnoxious yapping is offensive.

Where does the caged bird wish to soar?

I'll rip that jester's mask right off you.

Do you plan to challenge fate?

A lady lacking in sensitivity...

An angel cannot soar without both wings.

Such arrogant eyes, how unpleasing.

Letting your guard down on purpose?

Time can be so cruel, hm?

I am the only actor needed.

You cannot become me.

You are but a fleeting sunset.

I'll rip you away from your dear friends.

I can't stand hot and sweaty people.

So, let's see what you've got.

I'll pass on that crude lifestyle.

Simpletons should learn to keep silent.

Straight-laced opponents are such bothers.

Acting as if we're the star, are we?

Couldn't bear the loneliness anymore?

Finales are by far the most beautiful of movements.
Feral Chaos

Encounters: Story Specific Edit

Side Story: Singer of the End -2-
Bartz: "If you want a fight, get ready for a good one!"
Kuja: "Yes, no need for half measures."

Side Story: Singer of the End -2-
Squall: "Typical dirty Chaos trick."
Kuja: "I'll take that as a compliment."

Side Story: Singer of the End -2-
Zidane: "You can't be serious about this!"
Kuja: "You should probably run before you no longer can."

Treachery of the Gods: A New Threat
Kuja: "So ephemeral, lightning."
Lightning: "Oh I'll show you how lightning strikes."

Resolve for Seclusion
Kuja: "Behave and let me catch you."
Squall: "What an annoying guy."

Light to All: Trust
Kuja: "This is a tragedy, you know?"
Zidane: "Then I'm gonna rewrite the script!"

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
Kuja: "Now for the final act!"
Zidane: "No encores for this show!"


Well now!
when dodging

That wasn't bad at all.
when recovering from fall

There, there! Lovely, no?
when using Snatch Shot (close)

There, there! Take that!
when using Snatch Shot (distant)

Burn! Scatter!
when using Burst Energy (close)

Burn! Come dance with me!
when using Burst Energy (distant)

Watch this. Lovely, no?
when using Strike Energy (close)

Watch this. Take that!
when using Strike Energy (distant)

How's that?
when using Remote Flare

You're not getting away! Scatter!
when using Snatch Blow (close)

You're not getting away! Come dance with me!
when using Snatch Blow (distant)

Take this!
when using Flare Star

I'll bring this to an end!
when using Seraphic Star

Just go away!
when using Ultima

In unison!
when using Force Symphony

Take that!
when using HP attack during chase

Here's your invitation!
when activating EX Mode

Curtains rise!
when EX Burst begins

Here comes the finale!
when EX Burst is performed

That's just a prelude!
when activating EX Revenge

Let me help!
when called as an Assist

final blow

Sample VoicesEdit

I'm tired of your face!

You've been ... a pleasant diversion.

Almost impressive!

You worm!

It's the end of the world!



I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Talent can sometimes be cruel.

Not what you expected!
when HP is low

Serves you right.
when HP is low

Ahahahaha! You look ridiculous!
when opponent is stronger

Catch you off guard?
when opponent is stronger

I wanted to hear you scream more.
when opponent is weaker

What a waste of time.
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

Parting so soon?

Miracles do not happen.

Hahaha... how pathetic.

How anti-climactic.

A much expected result.

My excellence frightens even me.

That was not a bad effort.

You were close.



I won't admit it...I can't lose!

How could this be...?

Me, lose? To you?

You win! Be happy!

Once more! Give me one more chance!
when opponent is stronger

I...should be defeating you!
when opponent is stronger

I could not give my all.
when opponent is weaker

Perhaps I was too easy on you.
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

Losing to this fool?

The show's not over yet.

I will not accept this result!

Do not think that you won yet!

So that's your best effort...

The stage has been ruined!

Laugh if you so wish.