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Clan Nutsy and Cid in Kudik Peaks.

Towering peaks. Home to an endangered tiger.

Kudik Peaks (クディクス山岳, Kudikusu sangaku?) is a mountain location in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It becomes available for placement after the completion of "Mission #012: Jagd Hunt". In "Mission #013: The Bounty", Clan Ox spawns from this location.

When Marche engages this clan, he learns that Queen Remedi has placed a bounty on his head. In "Mission #108: Poachers", Poachers spawn from this location. Kudik Peaks is also the site of "Mission #052: Friend Trouble". It can be freed in "Mission #250: Kudik Peaks" after "Mission #015: Scouring Time" is completed.

Missions Edit

  • Mission #052: Friend Trouble

Arr, them mountain beasts have been coming down to the lowlands of late, and one took a bite out of me! Find me a good hunter! Cheney, Hunter

  • Mission #250: Kudik Peaks

A rock slide has blocked off the road to the Kudik Peaks. Looking for people to help clear it off. Jagark, Mountain Patrol

Encounter Edit

Kudik Beasts Edit

Turf Defense Edit

Help Kudik! Edit

Gallery Edit

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