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Perhaps it would be best if I, too, became a warrior like my sister. What do you think?

Ktjn, Catrine in Italian, pronounced Kit-en in English, is a viera in Final Fantasy XII, and the sister of Krjn. There is a small quest involving her. She can be found at the steps near the entrance to Muthru Bazaar in Rabanastre. Depending on how the player answers her questions, she will leave and the next time she is seen at certain places, she will reward the party with prizes of different value.

Profile Edit


Ktjn in Clan Centurio.

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Gameplay Edit

Conversations with Ktjn Edit

After fighting Mimic Queen

Question 1: Is the city not wonderful? I still lose my way on occasion, but I have come to know some of her walks and alleyways. But the land, I cannot hear it... Should this not trouble me as a viera?

  • Answer 1A: Yes, you should be ashamed. (+1 point)
  • Answer 1B: No, don't be silly. (-1 point)
After Bhujerba

Question 2: I knew my choice would bring hardship, yet...

  • Answer 2A: You should've thought it through. (+1 point)
  • Answer 2B: Things will get better. (-1 point)
After Tomb of Raithwall

Question 3: All this time my sister has been making her way through the world, while I lived in the sheltered peace of the Wood. I would be as she is. Do you think it possible?

  • Answer 3A: Sure, if you put your mind to it. (-1 point)
  • Answer 3B: I don't know your sister. (0 points)
  • Answer 3C: It'll never happen. (+1 point)
After reaching Mt Bur-Omisace

Question 4: Perhaps it would be best if I, too, became a warrior like my sister. What do you think?

  • Answer 4A: I think it's a good idea. (+1 point)
  • Answer 4B: I am not sure. (-1 point)

These are the earliest points the new questions can be accessed. If the player hasn't answered all her questions by the time the party has reached the Sun-Cryst, Ktjn will progress to the next question every fifteen minutes.

Rewards Edit

After the player has defeated Judge Bergan in Mt Bur-Omisace, and all the questions have been answered, Ktjn will have made her decision. Depending on what the point value is (it can be anywhere from +4 to -4) at the end of the quest, she will show up at a different spot and give a different prize. Some of the rewards have changed in the International Zodiac Job System version.

  • +4: Inside Clan headquarters. Reward: Platinum Sword (IZJS: Rune Blade).
  • +3: In front of Clan headquarters. Reward: Paramina Crossbow (IZJS: Hunting Crossbow).
  • +2 to -2: Roaming about Rabanastre. Reward: Ether and Hi-Potion x2. For this reward, she can be found:
    • Opposite Gambit Shop in Northern End.
    • Bazaar, sitting.
    • Northern part of the city, outward exit from the Bazaar.
    • Airship Terminal, chatting with the bangaa.
  • -3: Outside Migelo's shop. Reward: Fuzzy Miter.
  • -4: Inside Migelo's shop. Reward: Firefly.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Edit

TA2 Ktjn is a Green Mage as part of Clan Centurio's team for the Champion's Cup.

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