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Script error Script error Kraken is a boss in Final Fantasy IX. It is first seen as Water Guardian when Dagger and Eiko fight it to release the Water Seal. It appears again deep in Memoria while the party is climbing the staircase that leads out the water. A crystal form of this boss appears further into Crystal World.


The Kraken has two tentacles. The right one will use Water-gun and the left will use Ink. Kraken likes to use Water on the party and absorbs Water damage himself. Later in the battle, Kraken will cast Waterga, which hits all four party members. Most attacks will be countered with Ink or Water-gun. If the tentacles are destroyed, Kraken gains use of a leg attack and may counter with it. Kraken's counterattacks and rate depend on which tentacles are dead.

Kraken may also inflict the Freeze status. It can cast Waterga on itself to recover HP. Kraken is weak against Lightning.


Reflect is inadvisable, since Kraken absorbs Water. Similarly, one should not have Return Magic equipped if Vivi or Amarant are in the party, unless Vivi also has Mag Elem Null equipped. Equipping Body Temp is advised. Thundaga and Ramuh will make quick work of it.

Crystal World IncarnationEdit

Unlike the boss, the crystal Kraken does not have separate tentacle components and acts as one entity. Thus, it cannot use its Leg attack but instead has a dangerous Trouble Counter counterattack, which should be remedied with a Annoyntment. Otherwise, a blitz of physical attacks and Lightning-elemental abilities are advised to bring it down. Zidane's Sargatanas combined with Soul Blade will bring it down instantly.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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FFRK Ultimate+ Kraken FFIX

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

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Kraken2 TCG

Kraken appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with an aqua-elemental card depicting his artwork.



The Kraken were giant sea monsters, found in Norse and Icelandic mythology. Often depicted as gigantic octopuses or squids, they were thought to rise up from the deeps, grappling and then sinking small ships. Other myths held that the greatest dangers from the Kraken were the whirlpools left behind from their descent back into the deeps.


  • Kraken is the only enemy in the game where the player can acquire (steal) one of the two Genji Helmets.
  • The player never gets to see the Water Guardian in-game. While the other three teams are shown meeting their respective Guardians, Eiko and Dagger are only seen making their way through the Water Shrine.

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