Konschtat Highlands.

Konschtat Highlands is a location in Final Fantasy XI.

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Konschtat Stone Monument

The stone monument in Konschtat Highlands.

Position: (G-6)

In a cave located in a hill near the center of the Konschtat Highlands, a Stone Monument sits. It was erected during the Crystal era by the legendary explorer Gwynham Ironheart. It reads:

The wind that blows incessantly through this area is called "Odin's Wrath." Seeing its potential use, some ingenious Bastokers decided to build windmills here, a long time ago.
Flourmills, to be exact. In this desolate land where nothing more than potatoes can grow, the wheat brought in from San d'Oria was a true lifesaver to Bastokers.
San d'Oria, in turn, relied on their consumption of its surplus wheat, and also on the flour that came back from Bastok's mills. The mills became the symbols of their mutual dependence.
Even in times of war between the two, this trade continued. Both armies' brass were infuriated, but none tried to disrupt it lest the bread disappeared from their own tables! Ah, the irony!
A toast, to the merchants!
—Gwynham Ironheart, 750 Crystal Era

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