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Kokoro no Senshi (心の戦士, lit. Warrior of the Heart) is a single by Angela Aki. While the song "Kokoro no Senshi" has no ties to the Final Fantasy series, it features a cover of "Eyes on Me" from Final Fantasy VIII sung by Aki. This track was released on the North American digital single of Kiss Me Good-Bye, released through Tofu Records.

The limited edition included a DVD of a music video for "Kokoro no Senshi", and a trailer for Final Fantasy XII featuring Kiss Me Good-Bye.

Track listEdit

  1. ("心の戦士", Kokoro no senshi?, lit. "Warrior of the Heart") - 5:09
  2. ("空はいつも泣いている, Sora wa itsumo naiteiru?, lit. "The Sky Always Cries") - 3:11
  3. "TODAY" - 3:51
  4. "Eyes On Me -featured in FINAL FANTASY VIII-" - 4:32

Bonus DVDEdit

  1. 心の戦士 -music video-
  2. Final Fantasy XII Premiere Movie featuring Kiss Me Good-Bye


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