FFIVTAY Kokkol Ore (ククロ鉱石, Kukuro Kōseki?) is an item in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is a sample of rare ore found in hidden places throughout Rydia's Tale, and is named for the blacksmith Kokkol from the original game, who has passed away by the events of the sequel.

Locations Edit

  • Feymarch - the second floor of the library, in a bookcase.
  • Dwarven Castle - second floor of eastern tower, in a suit of armor.
  • Dwarven Castle - infirmary in the basement, in a desk.
  • Dwarven Castle - underground base, in a suit of armor.
  • Tomra - north-west house, lower-right corner in an urn. The path to the urn is a Hidden passage.
  • Tomra - urn outside the above house.
  • Tomra - Armor Shop, suit of armor next to the counter.
  • Kokkol's Forge - in the fireplace.
  • Sylph Cave - in a treasure chest on B2.
  • Sylph Cave - in an urn outside the Sylph house.
  • Sealed Cave - in a small room on the 3rd floor, marked by a skeleton in the middle of the room.
  • Sealed Cave - in a room filled with boxes on the 3rd floor, in the most south-eastern box.

Trade Edit

Kokkol Ore can be traded at Kokkol's Forge for powerful equipment.

Weapon Trade
Knife Kokkol Ore
Mythril Knife Knife
Kokkol Ore x2
Dancing Dagger Dagger
Kokkol Ore x3
Hammer Kokkol Ore
Battle Axe Crescent Axe
Kokkol Ore x3
Mythril Hammer Hammer
Kokkol Ore x4
Tomahawk Battle Axe
Kokkol Ore x4

Optimal trades Edit

To make the most out of what limited ore they can find, the player can pass up the Battle Axe, as one can be found in the Sealed Cave, but if they wish for a Battle Axe before attempting the cave, they will have enough leftover ore to buy other weapons. Between the Tomahawk and Mythril Hammer, the Tomahawk is long-range and allows a shield to be used, but the Mythril Hammer has higher power and does extra damage against ghost and machine-type enemies, so which to use is a matter of preference. If the player wishes to obtain the Mythril Hammer, they should not sell Luca's initial Hammer she comes equipped with, as the only way to get a second one in Rydia's Tale is to spend a Kokkol Ore to forge one.

With the remaining eight ore, the player should consider buying a Dancing Dagger. With a Dancing Dagger and the Warrior's Clothes, Calca or Brina can function as a secondary attacker. This leaves five ore left for whatever the player wishes to purchase—options are, as mentioned, a Battle Axe before attempting the Sealed Cave, a second Dancing Dagger, or the player can get both the Tomahawk and Mythril Hammer and switch between them as the situation demands. The Mythril Hammer is also a good choice for optional ore to be spent on for its price. The Mythril Hammer can be sold for 4,000 gil, and once the player departs to the overworld, Kokkol Ore instantly becomes useless and has no further purpose in the game, so it is a worthwhile trade for a bit of cash if the player has all other equipment they need.


An ore is a type of rock that contains sufficient minerals with important elements including metals that can be economically extracted from the rock. The ores are extracted from the earth through mining; they are then refined (often via smelting) to extract the valuable element, or elements.