The kobolds are a race of mole-like creatures who have excavated a warren of tunnels beneath O'Ghomoro, a mighty peak rising in northern Vylbrand. Believing the ores of the earth to be a gift of the primal Titan, these subterranean beastmen seek to divine their deity's teachings through the arts of alchemy and metallurgy. Despite forging a peace agreement with Limsa Lominsa, recent conflicts over mineral deposits have led to a resurgence of hostilities.
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Kobolds are a race of mole-like Beastmen in Final Fantasy XIV who worship the Primal Titan. They live around the volcano O'Ghomoro on Vylbrand, and can be seen throughout La Noscea, with their stronghold U'Ghamaro Mines located in Outer La Noscea.


Kobolds are fairly squat in form, and their hunched stature gives the illusion they are quadrupedal, but a closer look shows they exhibit bipedal motion. They are usually seen wearing helmets and body armor. True to their patron Primal, kobolds frequently employ earth magicks.

Kobolds have a pious devotion to the wealth of the earth, which they regard as gifts from their "father" Titan. They possess considerable knowledge of metalworking and alchemy, even cultivating Bombs. Kobold society is hierarchical, with groups divided into numbered orders. These numbers are based solely on how industrious and productive they are, with the lower the number the greater in rank. As of the events of the Calamity, the least order is the 789th, whom are characterized as being craven and timid.

Their claim over the wealth of the land on Vylbrand in turn led to recurring conflict with the city-state of Limsa Lominsa. Despite a treaty that ostensibly settled territory disputes, the aftermath of the Calamity has spurred increasing disputes over resources.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit


KoboldTribe TCG

Kobold tribe appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game with an earth-elemental card.


The kobold (occasionally cobold) is a sprite stemming from Germanic mythology and surviving into modern times in German folklore. Although usually invisible, a kobold can materialise in the form of an animal, fire, a human being, and a candle.


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