FFT0 Knowing Tag

Obtaining a Knowing Tag from a fallen ally.

An ID tag issued to all citizens of Rubrum at birth.
—Item description

Knowing Tags are items each citizen of Dominion of Rubrum keeps upon their person that functions as their ID. The common folk maintain possession of their own Knowing Tags, but a special council is charged with keeping track of the Akademeia Agito Cadets' tags. As the Vermilion Bird Crystal removes the memories of the dead from the minds of the living, the Knowing Tag system allows the nation to keep track of the fallen. Even if no one remembers the deceased Akademeia has a cemetery for those lost in battle. The Knowing Tags of deceased cadets are delivered to the Akademeia cemetery.


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After Izana Kunagiri is felled in the invasion of Akademeia by Militesi Empire forces, Ace picks up his Knowing Tag. Later the moogle of Class Eighth tasks Class Zero with collecting Knowing Tags off those fallen in battle. Class Zero recovers numerous tags in various dangerous places. After Lady Caetuna summons Alexander to devastate the imperial army with its Divine Light, many deem attempting to recover Knowing Tags from the area futile as Alexander's Divine Light had vaporized everything in its past. Regardless, Naghi Minatsuchi from the dominion intel team tasks Class Zero with retrieving their commanding officer's Knowing Tag from the battlefield.

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Collecting Knowing TagsEdit

Giving the Knowing Tags to the Class Eighth moogle (found in the Akademeia lobby) earns rewards. The reward received depends on the number of tags returned at one time. Tags collected at missions respawn when the mission is done again, allowing the player to farm them.


Number of Tags Item
1-9 Potion
10-19 X-Potion
20-39 X-Ether
40-59 Dominion Helmet
60-79 Megalixir
80-98 Phoenix Down
99 Phoenix Pinion



Knowing Tags in Mount Jubanla.

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  • The Knowing Tags are based on the Dog Tags, the informal term for the identification tags worn by military personnel, because of their resemblance to actual dog tags. The tags are primarily used for the identification of dead and wounded soldiers, and to convey essential basic medical information, such as blood type and history of inoculations, along with religious preference.