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Muddles by throwing Stones, and turns opponents into Imps with its Tail attack.
Final Fantasy VI PlayStation Bestiary entry

The Knotty is an enemy in Final Fantasy VI.


Like most enemies in the Yeti's Cave, it can inflict Imp on characters with its special attack, Tail. Knotties tend to attack in packs and have no elemental weaknesses, but their HP is very low for this point in the game and any level two spell like Fira should be enough to dispatch them.

AI scriptEdit

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Tail (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (66%) or Stone (33%)

Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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"Knotty" is a corruption of naughty, meaning "disobedient" or "mischievous".

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