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Kingsglaive Symbol Art

The emblem of the Kingsglaive

For hearth and home.
Titus Drautos, captain of the Kingsglaive

The Kingsglaive are a group of elite soldiers in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. Given the blessing of the King's magic, the Kingsglaive fight against the forces of Niflheim beyond the walls of Insomnia. Colloquially referred to as "the glaive."

Formation and Fate Edit

For years, Insomnia waged a losing war against the invading Niflheim, abandoning territories outside of the crown city. Regions like Galahd fell to Niflheim control, leaving them in ruins, and displacing their people. Refugees from the subjugated lands entered the capitol, and among them were found those with an aptitude for magic. Handpicked by the king and spurred by the hope of retaking their homes, the refugees-turned-soldiers became the titular Kingsglaive.

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Over the course of the film, the Kingsglaive slowly unravels. A disenfranchised Libertus forsakes the glaive after the death of Crowe, who was killed during a clandestine mission. Many others were killed when members of the glaive in league with Niflheim turned on their comrades during a mission to extricate Princess Lunafreya. Luche was burned alive after being rejected by the Lucian Kings. Captain Drautos was felled by Nyx in a climactic battle after it was revealed that he was the enigmatic General Glauca, and Nyx himself seemingly died as the price for wielding the power of the Lucian Kings via the Ring of the Lucii. The other female mages are unaccounted for, having fallen in the attack on Insomnia, been stabbed in the back by their former comrades, or escaped the crown city.

Given that the King can no longer provide magic to them, it is assumed that the Kingsglaive are all but defunct.

Spoilers end here.

Hierarchy Edit

The Kingsglaive seem split between two separate groups: the fighters who act as the vanguards during military operations, and the mages who position themselves behind the main force conjuring up grand magic.

Aside from following the orders of their captain, Drautos, and direct orders from the King, the Kingsglaive seem to have no other semblence of a hierarchy or ranking. Nyx is able to request something of another member, despite having been reassigned to guard duty, and Luche, proclaimed a natural leader in marketing material, appointed Nyx to lead a mission in the absence of their captain.

Equipment Edit

Nyx Concept Art 3

Concept art of Nyx, a Kingsglaive fighter.

The fighters all wear the same standard-issue fatigues of a black frock coat, black pants, and black knee-high boots. When equipped for combat, the fighters of the Kingsglaive don a black hood with an ornate visor and single horn on the right temple. A cloth-like mask can be worn that covers the fighter's face. Each member is depicted wearing different kinds of armor over their black coat, from a simple leather chestplate like Libertus, steel pauldrons like Luche, and even unique regional accouterments like Nyx's purple scarf. They usually wear fingerless, black leather gloves.
Crowe Concept Art 2

Concept art of Crowe, a Kingsglaive mage.

The mages of the Kingsglaive, notably all women, wear a dark, leather hood, a leather body suit with thigh-high, heeled boots, and a short jacket with flaring sleeves and a small red cape.

All members of the Kingsglaive use a dagger of some fashion as their main weapon, which they use for cutting and also mobility by throwing and warping to them. The mages, while never depicted using weapons of any kind, had a dagger in concept art.

Abilities Edit

Kingsglaive Battle 3

Libertus using Protect to shield himself from gunfire.

Thanks to the magic granted to them by King Regis, the Kingsglaive benefit from enhanced strength and endurance, and access to powerful magic like explosive fireballs, blasts of electricity, invisibility cloaking, protective shields, and warping.

While hardier than a normal person, a member of the glaive is not invincible, being susceptible to falls from great heights and bullets. Some members, like Pelna and Libertus, suffer from motion sickness when warping, while Nyx himself took to the ancient art quite well.

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