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King of Walz
Lenna meets King Walse

Lenna meets King Walse.

King Walse is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy V. He is the King of Walse. Initially when Bartz Klauser and friends reach Walse and go talk with him in his castle, he is reluctant to turn his Water Crystal off because it provides his kingdom with its essentials.

Once a meteor lands near the Water Shrine north of his kingdom he takes the Walse army and leads them into battle against the enemies at the shrine. The attack fails and the enemies destroy the crystal. He somehow escapes when the shrine collapses and sinks into the ocean, and is found bedridden in his chamber at Walse Castle.


  • In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Walz is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Monk job.