Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord Enemy
King Leo
レオ (Reo)
King Leo attack (My Life as a Darklord)
Level HP
28 486
Location Padarak
Ability Bio/Comes with a Regen effect
Type Generic
Weakness None
Resistance None
Action Speed Fast
Attack Target All
Target All
Battle Time Somewhat Long

King Leo is the final boss of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord.

Leo's hordes of fighters are composed by many waves, first comes a few sets of archers and a few magicians, most of them Clavats and Selkies. They possess relatively low levels, around 5 or 6, however they come in pairs which complicates the battle.

Eventually the level of the enemies increases to around 10 to 12 and they become more varied, from warriors to magicians, almost all of them Clavats. They still come in pairs which take more time to defeat. As the battle continues, level 15 and 16 enemies come alone or in pairs and possess great strength and the ability to make monsters fall asleep and heal while ascending the tower. Now all races can be seen climbing, all of them have high levels and range from Clavat Warriors and Black Mages to Yuke White Mages, and lastly, before Leo himself, a strong Lilty Dragon Knight.

After all the waves are cleared, King Leo is fought, accompanied by a moogle. He is level 28, and despite being fought alone, he is a major threat to the player. His battle time is shorter than average, allowing him to climb up faster and his Racket attacks can hit all enemies on a floor. Although he does not have much Attack power, he does have great resistance and HP, making him hard to eliminate. His ATB bar also fills up really fast, allowing him to attack many times. On top of that he has a constant Regen effect, which makes him recover HP after attacking.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time King Leo is seen fighting since, in his original game, he is never seen facing an opponent. In fact, he is never seen wielding a weapon.
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