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King Behemoth is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. It only appears in a single area of the Northern Cave.


# Formation
892 King Behemoth


Northern Cave
Vertical Fork 892
Light Cavity 892
Rocky Descent 892
Above Mako Stream 892
Mako Stream 892


It uses powerful physical attacks as well as strong magic like Flare and Comet2. Comet2 is only used as a 100% counter-attack against magical attacks. It has no elemental weaknesses, but its HP is fairly high and it has fairly strong magic defenses, so the player may have some trouble defeating it. It is weak to almost every negative status effect in the game.


King Behemoths can be reduced to a sleeping, confused frog with Bad Breath or the Hades summon and made far less menacing. Being at Level 60, it is also vulnerable to Level 5 Death and L4 Suicide.

AI scriptEdit

AI: Setup {

SpclChance = 6

} AI: Main {

1/3 Chance: TempVar:ChosenAtt = <Behemoth Horn>
1/3 Chance: TempVar:ChosenAtt = King Teel
1/3 Chance: TempVar:ChosenAtt = Bite
Choose Random Opponent
Use TempVar:ChosenAtt on Target
If (Rnd(1..SpclChance) == 1) Then
Choose Random Opponent
Use TempVar:ChosenAtt on Target

} AI: Counter - General {

If (King Behemoth's HP <= 25% of King Behemoth's Max HP) Then
SpclChance = 2
} Else If (King Behemoth's HP <= 50% of King Behemoth's Max HP) Then {
SpclChance = 3
} Else If (King Behemoth's HP <= 75% of King Behemoth's Max HP) Then {
SpclChance = 4
} Else {
SpclChance = 6

} AI: Counter - Magical {

If (King Behemoth's MP >= 110) Then
Choose All Opponents
Use Comet2 on Target




Behemoth is a beast mentioned in Job 40:15–24. In addition to mythological creatures, it is likened to elephants, hippos, rhinos, and bison. Metaphorically, the term behemoth denotes "an extremely large or powerful entity."

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