The party first encounters the King Behemoth, also known simply as the Behemoth and as the KingBehe, in the Jade Passage, as they make their way to face off with the Emperor for the final time. The boss is guarding a treasure chest containing a Rune Axe. Later he appears as a normal random encounter in a secret room in Pandaemonium.


Battle Edit

The King Behemoth boasts a few impressive stats, but if you defeated the Blue Dragon prior to facing him, he will not pose much of a threat. The only danger that comes into play when facing him is his brutal physical attacks, but you can dull their impact by casting Blink and Protect on your team. Just pummel the creature with your best physical and magic attacks to defeat him. If you want to make the fight go faster, equip a Blood Sword on your strongest fighter.

An alternate method of winning is to simply cast a level 8 or higher Teleport.

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Etymology Edit

Behemoth is a beast mentioned in Job 40:15–24. In addition to mythological creatures, it is likened to elephants, hippos, rhinos, and bison. Metaphorically, the term behemoth denotes "an extremely large or powerful entity."

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