Kimya Auburnbrie is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XV. She lives in the forests nearby Malmalam Thicket and creates potions to combat daemons. Kimya is an old woman who lives on her own near the entrance to Malmalam Thicket. She runs a shop "House of Hexes" selling a variety of healing items. A sign is posted near her house that says "No Hunters Allowed".




Kimya is a very wise woman. Even though her sister, Ezma banished her for continuing to brew her potions, Kimya understood Ezma was only doing what she thought was best for the Hunters.


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Kimya is the sister of Ezma Auburnbrie and was once part of the Meldacio Hunters. However, she uses unorthodox methods to combat daemons, including the brewing of potions. Ezma did not approve of this method, and banished her to the edges of Malmalam Thicket. Kimya mentions to Noctis that she does not hold a grudge, but believes there is not one absolute method in solving problems.

When the hunter Dave goes missing, Noctis is recruited to find him. Noctis finds him standing near the sign by the entrance to Kimya's house, mulling whether to enter despite the sign's warning. Noctis meets Kimya for Dave, and after the conversation, Dave learns the truth about their past and decides to someday lead the hunters in his own way.

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Auburnbrie is a portmanteau of "auburn" (red) and "brie". Brie is an Anglicization Brigid, meaning "the exalted one" or "noble."


  • Kimya appears to be based on Yoda from Star Wars: they speak in a similar fashion, are old, isolate themselves from the rest of society, and are considered wise.