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Killer Hound: A canine species, a hunting dog without a master. Despite the 'killer' name, reports of unprovoked attacks are rare. They're dogs after all, you should have fun with them.
—Local News Board

The Killer Hounds are enemy monsters in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. Killer hounds are small, with fur mostly white but with shades of red. They have something of a wild red mane on the back of their necks, and wear a black collar.

Interactions Edit

These hounds chase skeletons, and feast on their skulls when they're torn apart by Layle's powers. If the player picks up a bone and they notice it, they will try to beg it out of him. If Layle is stricken down and does not get up, the dogs will be happy to urinate on him.

Strategy Edit

Killer Hounds are canine-type monsters which fight using close range leaping strikes and tackle attacks. They usually appear in areas in which Skeletons are prone to appearing. The Hounds love bones, so playing with Skeletons around them can award the player with medals.

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