FFX-2 Killasaurus

Killasaurus ability in Final Fantasy X-2.

Killer abilities affect a certain monster type, causing massive damage to enemies of that type. These abilities have been around since the original Final Fantasy, though in the original and PS releases, it was bugged and did nothing. They are normally found on weapons.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Edit

I Though originally bugged in the NES and PS releases, these abilities were still dormant within several weapons and were fixed in later releases of the game.

The following abilities appear in the game:

  • Ogre Killer - Ogrekiller
  • Undead Killer - Light Axe, Sun Blade
  • Dragon Killer - Wyrmkiller
  • Mage Killer - Rune Blade
  • Wolf Killer - Werebuster
  • Aquatic Killer - Coral Sword
  • Giant Killer - Great Sword

Final Fantasy II Edit


  • Ogre Killer - Ogrekiller
  • Mage Killer - Rune Axe
  • Were Killer - Werebuster

Final Fantasy III Edit


  • Divider Killer - All Katanas

Final Fantasy IV Edit

IV The following is a list of them:

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Edit

FFIV-I- The following is a list of them:

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

FFIVTAY The following is a list of them:

Final Fantasy V Edit


  • Giant Killer - Cleaver
  • Aevis Killer - Aevis Killer
  • Magic Beast Killer - Artemis' Bow
  • Dragon Killer - Dragon Lance

Final Fantasy VI Edit

VI The only Killer ability in the game is the Man-Eater, which deals double damage against human targets.

Final Fantasy IX Edit

IX Zidane, Steiner, Freya and Amarant can equip various Killer abilities that make physical attacks deal 1.5x damage to the corresponding enemy type. Killer abilities do not stack in case an opponent belongs to more than one category. For example, Dracozombie is both an undead and a dragon, but it gives no additional benefit to equip both Killer abilities; as long as either Undead Killer or Dragon Killer is equipped the attacker will deal maximum damage.

Final Fantasy X-2 Edit

X-2 Gun Mage's Fiend Hunter abilities do 4x damage to monsters of a specific type.

The following is a list of abilities found in the Fiend Hunter skill:

  • Shell Cracker - 4x damage to "Helm" types.
  • Anti-Aircraft - 4x damage to "Birds" and "Wasps" types.
  • Silver Bullet - 4x damage to "Lupine" types.
  • Flan Eater - 4x damage to "Flan" types.
  • Elementillery - 4x damage to "Element" types.
  • Killasaurus - 4x damage to "Reptile" types.
  • Drake Eater - 4x damage to "Drake" types.
  • Dismantle - 4x damage to "Machina" types.
  • Mech Destroyer - 4x damage to "Mech" types.
  • Demon Muzzle - 4x damage to "Imp" and "Evil Eye" types.

Final Fantasy XI Edit


Killer abilities cause increased damage and gives a chance to intimidate the creature. This effect is similar to Paralysis. Most creatures possess an appropriate killer effect versus creatures in an opposing ecosystem. Some ecosystems, such as beastmen and elementals, are exempt from this, due to their nature of opposing their enemy in the ecosystem rather than simply being eaten by them like ordinary ecosystems.

  • Beastmasters gain multiple Killer abilities, similar to wildlife.
  • Blue Mages have access to multiple Killer abilities through Blue Magic Synergy.
  • Dark Knights have Arcana Killer.
  • Dragoons have Dragon Killer.
  • Samurai have Demon Killer.
  • Paladins have Undead Killer.
  • Some equipment may grant other Jobs these effects.
    • Conversely, the Crimson Mail/Blood Mail gives players "dragon affinity" when worn, which has a downside of making them intimidated by anything with Dragon Killer.

Final Fantasy Adventure Edit

FFA The following is a list of them:

The Final Fantasy Legend Edit

FFL There are four monster types that are affected by critical-hit weapons:

  • Humanoid Killer - Ogre.
  • Water Killer - Coral.
  • Lizard Killer - Dragon.
  • Undead Killer - Sun.

Final Fantasy Legend II Edit

FFL2 The following is a list of them:

Bravely Default Edit

BD The "Slayer" abilities used by Rangers deals 1.5x the damage of a conventional attack to various enemy types.

The following is a list of them:

  • Bug Slayer - Bug family
  • Plant Slayer - Plant family
  • Beast Slayer - Beast family
  • Aerial Slayer - Aerial family
  • Aquatic Slayer - Aquatic family
  • Dragon Slayer - Dragon family
  • Undead Slayer - Undead family
  • Demon Slayer - Demon family

Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

FFD The following is a list of them:

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