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Kilika Beasts Flag-render-ffx
All the way from Kilika, it's the Kilika Beasts! High Summoner Ohalland used to play for them -- a big name to live up to.
—Bobba, the blitzball commentator

The Kilika Beasts (キーリカ・ビースト, Kīrika・Bīsuto?) are a blitzball team representing the island of Kilika. The team is perhaps most notable for being the team high summoner Ohalland, a native Kilikan, played for before becoming a summoner.

At early levels, the Beasts are known to be the easiest team to play, with their overall stats being lower than the Aurochs. However, during their later levels, their stats greatly increase, making them the hardest team to play.

Known PlayersEdit


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